AppGratis Launches Daily-Deals App in the US; Global Success with Over One Million Daily Visitors


With a tailored approach, AppGratis simplifies app discovery while helping developers build new audiences with games, productivity and entertainment apps

PARIS – Dec. 6, 2012 – AppGratis today announced the US launch of their daily-deals app service, working closely with developers to turn quality paid apps free for 24 hours. With one million daily visitors and an install base nearing six million, AppGratis regularly sends featured apps to the App Store’s top five and beyond. The more the app is used, the more it is subtly tailored to suit user preferences. With 700,000+ apps in the App Store, people increasingly rely on AppGratis’ editorial approach, which makes it easy to find oft-overlooked apps for iPad and iPhone. To get a taste of their hand-tailored approach to daily deals, download the free app today for the iPhone, with iPad to follow by the end of the year.

“Unlike similar services, AppGratis is peppered with commentary, tips and jokes to give it a personal feel that users really appreciate,” said founder Simon Dawlat. “This results in what TechCrunch dubbed the AppGratis Effect: quality apps climb the charts through genuine interest and word-of-mouth viral spread. While games are fun, other daily apps often overlook the wide variety of hidden gems when it comes to video, music and productivity apps.”

Originally an email newsletter shared among friends, the AppGratis app is rapidly expanding to new markets around the world, with new offices in the US and England coming soon. It now averages over $1 million in monthly revenue in less than 18 months of operation. AppGratis has been successful on a global scale, available in 11 languages for the iPhone and iPad in over 120 countries, with more coming soon. Last year the app delivered over 100 million referrals to the App Store, helping developers tap into new audiences. Most importantly, the app is Apple-compliant with no incentivized downloads or bot-downloads.

While similar services heavily weigh towards games, AppGratis appeals to a wide range of mobile-savvy smartphone users by featuring a variety of fun and useful apps, with a maximum of only 30% games. It also improves with use. Feedback buttons and sophisticated algorithms help the app better serve customers by analyzing their download patterns, learning preferences to offer customized recommendations. Each daily app includes a fun, conversational memo that gives the service a tone that’s both personal and relatable. Plus it is unobtrusive – users receive just one push notification per day, highlighting one free app and one discounted app.

The company has offices in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, and plans to expand to England and the United States in 2013. Partnering with AppGratis can make a huge impact for developers: an average one-day campaign delivers an average of 300-400k installations for the featured app of the day, a substantial benefit to both established developers and startups. In fact, each year AppGratis sends over 100 million clicks to the App Store.

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About AppGratis
AppGratis was founded in 2011 by Simon Dawlat from a weekly email newsletter shared among friends featuring his top app picks. It has since grown to a multimillion-dollar company with offices in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, and plans to expand to England and the United States in 2013. With approximately 1 million unique daily visitors, AppGratis is becoming the premier daily free app service that focuses on entertainment and productivity apps as well as games.

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