Test Trivia Skills about the Big Screen on the Small Screen with Movie QuizUp

pv-logoA Real-Time Trivia App for Film Buffs

SAN FRANCISCO- January 10, 2013 –

Plain Vanilla today announced the launch of Movie QuizUp, the latest app to join their mobile QuizUp platform. Available on iOS devices, with Android coming soon, the free app is ideal entertainment for those who see every movie on opening day, use Rotten Tomatoes as their homepage and sprinkle their speech with famous movie quotes. A real-time, social quiz app, Movie QuizUp lets cinephiles around the world compete in ten-question rounds, featuring questions ranging from character names, actors and plot points of popular box office hits.

QuizUp is a first-of-its-kind real-time social trivia platform developed by Plain Vanilla. With QuizUp, Plain Vanilla can produce customized and high-quality apps where users compete against each other around the world, and on any mobile device. The QuizUp Platform currently includes Video Game QuizUp, the official Twilight Saga QuizUp, Batman QuizUp, Math QuizUp and Eurovision QuizUp, with additional categories coming soon.

Download Movie QuizUp for free here.

About Plain Vanilla

Plain Vanilla was founded with the plan to develop beautifully designed, user-centered and addictively entertaining games. Headquartered in San Francisco, the Plain Vanilla team includes amazing illustrators, motion artists, musicians, graphic designers and programmers who are passionate about creating amazing games.  Plain Vanilla designed QuizUp, the first multiplatform and real-time social trivia engine.
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