Boomlagoon’s Noble Nutlings Turbo Boosts Up App Store Charts

Launch week stockpiles over 600,000 downloads; players deem chubby squirrels and nitro-powered bathtubs totally irresistible

HELSINKI, FINLAND – Jan. 16, 2013 – Noble Nutlings, the debut iOS app from developer Boomlagoon, has garnered tremendous player interest, with over 600,000 downloads since launch on January 9th. Retention has also been spectacular, with Daily Average Users (DAU) over 300,000 – half the players who download the game play it every single day! With over 2.5 Million sessions, it’s an auspicious start for the indie game development studio founded by three Rovio veterans.

Customize your cart, strap on your seatbelt and download Noble Nutlings today via the iTunes App Store.

“We’ve heard the game is so compelling, you take it into the bathroom and then totally forget to do your business… talk about a prestigious honor!” said Tuomas Erikoinen, co-founder and lead designer at Boomlagoon. “We have been blown away by our game’s success so far. To see so many gamers around the world embrace Noble Nutlings has been very humbling.”

Relying on a targeted public relations campaign and organic growth, Noble Nutlings cracked a number of Top 25 marketplaces in the Games category: US #22, Japan #25, Mexico #8, Canada #16, Brazil #10, Sweden #12 and second overall in their homeland of Finland. To date, Boomlagoon has not acquired players through any paid marketing campaigns.

Noble Nutlings fun facts:

  • Bathtub crashes = Six million, for a total of 18 million squirrels-a-flyin’
  • Finish lines crossed = 8.5 million levels completed
  • Squirrels screaming excitedly in mid-air = Over 30 million, eeeeeee!
  • TNT boxes exploded = over 20 million
  • Wooden blocks smashed = over 150 million
  • Acorns collected = over 177 million
  • Pinky knocked over = 36 million times, poor little guy…
  • Boost tanks used = over 750,000 chili pepper boosts

Noble Nutlings is out now. Download the free universal app today via the iTunes App Store.

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About Noble Nutlings

Featuring a trio of pudgy cartoon squirrels, the game challenges players to pilot a rickety cart across hilly landscapes as fast as possible. Free to download, Noble Nutlings lets players upgrade their vehicle with thousands of combinations, collecting acorns and hurtling towards the finish line with the hot- pepper- boost. The game features dozens of levels and casual racing action, enjoyable at all skill levels.

About Boomlagoon
Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Boomlagoon is a mobile game developer focused on making awesome mobile games for players of all ages. After leaving Rovio, the company was founded in April 2012 by Antti Stén, Tuomas Erikoinen, and Ilkka Halila. The three founders of Boomlagoon have over 20 years of experience in game development and start-ups.

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