TareasPlus, Leading Instructional Video Platform in Latin America, Launches New Educational Exchange

Aula TareasPlus allows teachers to upload original content and lesson plans for students

NEW YORK – April 29, 2013 – TareasPlus, a San Francisco-based startup that has delivered more than 10 million STEM video lessons in Spanish to students throughout Spain and Latin America, today announced the beta launch of their new platform Aula TareasPlus at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference. Aula TareasPlus is an educational exchange that allows students to connect with the best teachers from around the world to learn, practice their skills and test their knowledge of material in the areas of math and science. The exchange provides teachers a platform to upload original material to connect with students, giving students access to immediate answers and opportunities for learning.

TareasPlus is an instructional video platform that provides 9-12 minute tutorials on math and science for Spanish-speaking high school and early college students. The service answers a universal demand for STEM instruction, as evidenced by its 70,000 visitors per day and its position as one of the top 20 most downloaded educational apps in Latin America. As millions of students throughout Spain and Latin America utilized TareasPlus’ extensive video library, surpassing Khan Academy’s with 3,600 videos and counting, founders Hernan Jaramillo and Roberto Cuartas quickly realized they needed to open their platform to teachers as well – thus, the idea for Aula TareasPlus was born.

“Aula TareasPlus grew out of our own observations of the way digital natives learn, and also by teachers’ requests to make our platform and tools available to them,” said Hernan Jaramillo, founder and CEO of TareasPlus. “We’re excited that teachers and students alike will be able to benefit from the new educational exchange, which makes quality educational material readily available on a massive distribution platform so educators can replicate their teaching efforts on the highest possible scale.”

Aula TareasPlus allows teachers to create their own lessons and upload them TareasPlus without having to fumble with cumbersome learning management systems that are limited to students within a particular school. When teachers upload content to the easy-to-use Aula TareasPlus exchange, that content becomes searchable by all students who use the TareasPlus platform, so users can find help with whatever subject they need, whenever they need it. Best of all, Aula TareasPlus offers so much more than an extensive content repository – TareasPlus is applying its progress tracking, testing capabilities, and social tool features to the new exchange, which can be utilized by teachers and students to enhance learning.

The beta launch of Aula TareasPlus will make even more excellent content available on TareasPlus’ online platform of math and science videos. TareasPlus’ exceptional library of content provides students, who return to the site multiple times a week for extra help with their classes, unlimited time to learn and unlimited access to education through high quality videos and massive distribution.


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TareasPlus helps students at all age ranges learn math and science with quick and compelling video explanations in Spanish. The company is founded by math expert Roberto Cuartas and entrepreneur Hernan Jaramillo.  Tareasplus is based in San Francisco and has offices in Medellin, Colombia. For more information, visit www.tareasplus.com
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