Kickstarter Funded Puzzle Defense Game Evilot Launching May 15th


Syrenaica Set To Bring Anti-hero Action to iPad


SANTIAGO – MAY 07, 2013 – Chilean game developer Syrenaica today announces the upcoming launch of its first title, Evilot, on May 15th. A hybrid of two popular genres, Evilot is a puzzle defense game where players command the forces of Count Dolfus. He’s a somewhat-evil overlord who merely wants to retire in peace, but is forced to defend his treasure from the army of heroes and do-gooders determined to conquer his castle (and steal all his loot). The game will launch first on iOS for $0.99, with Android, PC, Mac, Ouya and Linux versions planned for the coming months.

Accessible and familiar, Evilot’s 50 levels are set up on a grid with your forces defending individual lanes from opponents racing towards the treasure piled high behind you. However, gameplay goes beyond the traditional “set it and forget it” tower defense mechanic with the addition of a puzzle-based level-up system. Place three units next to each other in a column or row and they combine to create a more powerful, leveled-up unit. Keep units tightly packed for more powerful upgrades, or spread them out for a weaker, but wider defensive spread. It’s a compelling twist on tower defense that is easy to play, yet difficult to master.

Players can expect:

  • Challenging, fast-paced gameplay
  • Unique puzzle defense mechanics and level-up system
  • 50 levels across 5 diverse territories
  • 15 playable defender units and 5 special summons
  • Original orchestral soundtrack specially composed for Evilot


Visit to learn more, and follow Syrenaica on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news on Evilot.


Check out the trailer on YouTube and find game assets in the press kit. Also, check out this sweet video of the orchestral performance of Evilot’s original soundtrack!


About Syrenaica
Syrenaica is an independent global interactive entertainment software company founded and located in Santiago, Chile. Their mission is to create groundbreaking games through a culture of joy. Syrenaica develops and publishes interactive software globally for several platforms with emphasis on mobile & social networks.

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