Award-winning Indie Forced Headed to Gamescom, PAX Prime


BetaDwarf’s Over-the-top Arena Combat Game Exhibiting at Gamescom (Hall 9 – Booth A-045) and PAX Prime (Indie Megabooth, Booth 875), Announced for PC, Mac, Linux, and Wii U

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Aug. 15, 2013 — BetaDwarf Entertainment, an independent game studio formed by students who first worked and lived together in a university classroom, today announced that its co-op arena combat game, Forced, recently chosen as a Level Up 2013 Intel® award winner, will be available for hands-on demos at this year’s Gamescom (Hall9 – Booth A-045) and PAX Prime (Indie Megabooth, Booth 875). Forced, in which players choose one of four unique classes and participate in fast-paced arena carnage with friends or in a single-player campaign, will be available for PC, Wii U, Mac, and Linux this fall. To see Forced’s frenetic fighting in action, view the recent gameplay trailer:

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Forced is a true labor of love for the BetaDwarf team. Under development since 2011, the developers have pursued the best co-op experience in-game and out by living together, first on sleeping bags in a classroom and now in their own apartment/development studio. In Forced, players take the role of gladiators forced to fight for their lives in an arena full of nasty monsters like the Carnomancer, a “flesh mage” that can teleport into the bodies of his allies, stealing their health— and making a gory mess, of course. Forced, out this fall for PC, Wii U, Mac, and Linux, will challenge players to make smart tactical decisions and work together to survive waves of vicious enemies.

Forced features:

  • Four Unique Character Classes, with 16 unlockable abilities each
  • Advanced tactical artificial intelligence – mobs work together against your group in combat, sacrificing one another as shields or buffing their monster allies on the fly to better fight your group
  • The Spirit Mentor, an extra party member which players must control in unison to gain an upper hand over the enemy
  • A Mark Combat System, where players can apply marks to enemies and then consume and destroy them with powerful skills

For more information about Forced and BetaDwarf:

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About BetaDwarf Entertainment

BetaDwarf Entertainment, founded in 2011, is a small team of learn-hard, young developers who live together in their office near Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently realizing their dream of creating awesome multiplayer games, the team at BetaDwarf has moved from working and sleeping in a university classroom to living and working together in a shared studio. With a vision to make the best multiplayer games possible, BetaDwarf is power-leveling their development experience, with its first title, Forced, planned for release on PC, Wii U, Linux, and Mac in late 2013. To learn more about BetaDwarf’s unique background, please visit:


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