An Empire in the Making – Autumn Dynasty: Warlords Launching Soon on iOS


Sequel to the #1 Top-Paid Strategy Game promises 60 hours of RTS action

SINGAPORE – Feb. 20, 2014 – Touch Dimensions, a multi-award winning developer of video games, announced today that Autumn Dynasty: Warlords will launch on iOS Thursday, February 27th for $6.99. Warlords is the sequel to the #1 top-paid real-time strategy game, Autumn Dynasty, and expands the series into new territory with empire management, diplomacy, espionage and all-out war. Rule the lands and strive to be the First Autumn Emperor in a beautiful painting that comes to life with every stroke of the brush! The original Autumn Dynasty will also be free until February 26th to celebrate the sequel’s upcoming launch.

Players can view the new trailer –

Download the original game at this link.

Manage every aspect of your feudal empire: build epic cities, raise armies, recruit generals and take on dangerous quests. Fight your battles in real time, against a wide range of opposing forces, each with different military techniques and unit types. Engage in sabotage, espionage and alliances to conquer your foes and expand your lands. Autumn Dynasty Warlords is a true real-time strategy game that puts you in command at the beginning of the Autumn Dynasty’s history!

Autumn Dynasty Warlords features:

  • RTS-4X gameplay: Explore, expand, exterminate and exploit
  • Riveting missions: Experience them all with more than 100 hours of gameplay
  • Non-linear campaign: Seemingly unrelated decisions will cause your empire to flourish… or falter
  • Strategic flexibility: Employ different types of troops, decrees and select the best officer for leading them to victory
  • Pick your battles: Defeat and conquer enemy provinces via various routes and methods
  • Unique touch controls: Take full command of your armies with ease and stylish brush strokes
  • In-game interactions: Dispatch your officers for diplomacy or espionage and use them to perform tasks that affect the entire world
  • Ancient Asian paintings comprise the map, with different terrains for every location.
  • Retina display optimized
  • iCloud Compatible with Game Center achievements

Autumn Dynasty: Warlords launches on iOS Thursday, February 27th for $6.99.

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