Adventures in Breaking the Mold: Broken Age Available Now on OUYA


Act One of Double Fine’s Epic Adventure is an OUYA Console Exclusive

SAN FRANCISCO and SANTA MONICA, Calif. – May 30, 2014 – OUYA and Double Fine Productions, Inc. today announced that the first act of critically acclaimed adventure game Broken Age is now available on OUYA. Launched earlier this year on PC, Mac, and Linux, the console version of the game will be an exclusive on OUYA and, for the first time, be available for purchase as two separate parts. You can see Broken Age’s trailer here:

From Tim Schafer, the creative mind behind Psychonauts and Day of the TentacleBroken Age revitalizes the classic adventure game genre with a powerful narrative and storybook aesthetic. One of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in the history of the platform, Broken Age’s story of traditions – and those who are brave enough to break them – has been critically lauded as a fantastic narrative-driven adventure on PC and Mac.

Broken Age on OUYA will also mark the first time that players can purchase the first act as a stand-alone game. Players can purchase act one for $15 dollars and pre-purchase act two if they choose to continue their adventure.

A press kit with images, logo, and more can be downloaded here:

To learn more about Broken Age on OUYA, contact TriplePoint PR at or (415) 955-8500.


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