Wearhaus Arc Reaches $75K Crowdfunding Goal, Prepares for Retail Production


Preorder Pricing on World’s First Social Headphones Still Available for a Limited Time Only

PCH International Begins Production this Month, as Wearhaus Marches Toward a Fall Launch

BERKELEY, Calif. – June 3, 2014 – Wearhaus Arc, the world’s first social headphones, today reached its crowdfunding goal of $75,000 and is officially starting production. The Arc, which use Bluetooth technology to bring a more tangible, personal experience back to music discovery, will still be available on the Wearhaus website at the reduced preorder price of $149.99.

“We believe that music is meant to be shared, and we’re so glad to find that thousands of people agree,” said founder Nelson Zhang. “We’ll be keeping our backers up to date on the production process throughout the summer– you’ll be with us every step of the way!”

Elegantly designed with quality audio in mind, and born out of the PCH International Highway 1 incubator, the Arc is a wireless headset that allows users to dynamically share music with any other Arc users in their vicinity via a smartphone app.

The Wearhaus Arc was built by two ex-Berkeley engineers for whom quality audio and streamlined, minimalist design was a top priority. Each earcup on the wireless headset features a ring-shaped backlight that can be set to any color using the Wearhaus mobile app. When other Arc wearers tune in to your music, their own headphones pulse with the same color – a visual cue to show you who’s listening with you. Users can also control volume and playback using a capacitive touch panel on the sides of the headset itself.

The social aspect is controlled using the Wearhaus app for iOS or Android. The app will display the songs and profiles of any Arc-listeners in the immediate vicinity. To listen in, simply tap on someone’s song, and you’ll sync up to their audio experience. Privacy settings are available: users can choose to broadcast their songs to anyone interested, to friends only, or to turn off music sharing entirely.

You can pre-order your own Wearhaus Arc at http://campaign.wearhaus.com/, available for discounted price of $149.99 until June 7, when the preorder price will be set at $179.99.


About Wearhaus

Formed by Berkeley dropouts Richie Zeng and Nelson Zhang, Wearhaus has created a beautifully designed, highly customizable wireless headphone that delivers top-quality sound and uses Bluetooth technology to allow the user to turn their own personal soundtrack into a shared experience. Kicking off with a crowdfunding campaign this spring followed by a full product launch planned for holiday 2014, Wearhaus is working to remind people that music is meant to be shared – and that sharing doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the headphone experience.


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