Positive and Negative Collide in Magnetic By Nature, Coming to OUYA on August 20th

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Machine-Age Adventure Game from Team Tripleslash Explores Platforming Without Platforms

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Aug 13, 2014 –OUYA today announced that Magnetic By Nature, a puzzle platformer influenced by art-deco architecture and governed by the universal laws of magnetic attraction, will be released on August 20. The debut title from Team Tripleslash, Magnetic By Nature will be available for $9.99 exclusively on the OUYA store, and is coming to PC, Mac and Linux at a later date.

In Magnetic By Nature, players take on the role of the last robot alive in the ruins of a fallen machine-age civilization. Empowered with the ability to control their own magnetic field at will and surrounded by a veritable playground of magnetized metal, players can launch themselves through the air using the forces of attraction and repulsion. By swingingbetween polarized points, they can traverse a beautifully desolate post-apocalyptic wasteland on their quest to reactivate their decommissioned robot companions.

The richness of the game’s colorful, tastefully muted art style and dynamic soundscape helps to flesh out the vibrant world of Magnetic By Nature. With its fluid, unconventional movement mechanic, over 100 unique levels, and a multitude of both static and reactive magnets on which to swing, the game is a refreshing new take on the platforming genre.

Check out the magnetic mayhem for yourself in the teaser trailer: http://youtu.be/0Z6PBYbt328

You can find screenshots and other assets in the press kit: http://teamtripleslash.com/downloads/MBNPressKit(August2014).zip

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