Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet Presents its Toughest Foe: Everyone Else


Witness New Multiplayer Update and More in All-New Trailer

LOS ANGELES — Nov. 20, 2014 — Evergreen Studios today announced the greatest challenge yet to reach Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet – your fellow man! Based on the New York Times best-selling Honor Harrington science-fiction novel series, the iOS/Android game has been updated to include multiplayer challenges for the first time, challenging players with foes as clever and relentless as themselves. Captains will have their battle performance tested against their peers’, with exclusive in-game prizes and perks awarded to those who command the highest ranks on the new leaderboard. This new game mode is available today as a free update to The Secret Fleet, along with new content including ship skins, in-game boosts, and more.

Ambitious captains can see what awaits them in a new trailer for Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet: http://bit.ly/SecretFleetGame

Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet is part of Evergreen’s Tales of Honor storyworld, based on David Weber’s military sci-fi Honor Harrington novels. The new multiplayer content expands the game’s live events, pitting players against a series of difficult quests and enemies to see who can complete the challenges and achieve the highest score. Rewards will be granted to players who rank among the top tiers on the leaderboard each time a multiplayer event occurs.

This update arrives just after Honorverse fans have gotten to know their fellow captains (and opponents) at HonorCon 2014, the official convention for all things Honor Harrington, which took place last month in Raleigh, North Carolina. Honorverse fans gathered to meet David Weber and other contributors to the Honor storyworld, including sci-fi author Timothy Zahn and members of the Evergreen Studios team.

Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet is free to download on the App Store and Google Play.

For more information on the Tales of Honor storyworld, comic books and interviews with the creative team, please visit www.tales-of-honor.com.

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Tales of Honor follows the life and times of brilliant and courageous spaceship captain, Honor Harrington, as she heroically leads her crew through a series of political, military, and personal conflicts. The storyworld is set 2,000 years in the future when hyperspace travel has allowed humanity to colonize the far reaches of the universe. The Honorverse is famous for staying true to real science and military strategy.



Evergreen Studios (www.evgstudios.com) brings a Silicon Valley-based ethos to Hollywood storytelling. Using cutting edge technology to enhance the creative process, Evergreen targets and develops stories whose characters, plots, and ideas can unfold over multiple platforms. The company then determines which medium—films, television, apps, mobile games, console games, webisodes, and comics—is best suited to a particular aspect of a world. This allows Evergreen to tailor each immersive experience for its respective platform and retain the creative integrity of the storyworld. This release method empowers fans to explore and allows Evergreen to experiment while it builds awareness. Through this groundbreaking approach, Evergreen Studios is able to deliver storyworlds of outstanding quality that resonate with audiences worldwide.  Evergreen Studios first theatrical release, Walking With Dinosaurs, was distributed by 20th Century Fox on Dec. 20th, 2013.


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