Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles Available Now on Steam

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Poultry-Powered Physics-Based Strategy Game Puts Players in Command of Steampunk Space Armies

MONTREAL Nov. 5, 2015 Artifice Studio, the indie developers behind the cult hit Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves, today announced the official release of Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles, the only spaceship strategy game that weaves politically oppressed chickens, cartoonish clone armies, and swashbuckling time travelers into a narratively compelling sociopolitical conflict. Conflicks combines the tactical depth of the strategy genre with accessible, intuitive physics-based battle mechanics, and can be found on Steam for $14.99 – buy the game this week for a 25% off launch week discount!

“Our game has grown so much in Early Access with the support and input of our community,” said Yan Pepin, creative director of Artifice Studio. “They have helped us to make it more accessible, more polished, more clever, more complete…Conflicks has always been a labor of love for our studio, and we are so grateful to have had such an active fanbase join in the effort and to help us to make it what it is today.”

Chickens, Egg Yolks, and Flick-Based Combat

Conflicks takes place in an alternate universe in which Leonardo Da Vinci discovered how to distill infinitely powerful metamatter out of egg yolks, rocketing humans out of the dark ages and out, in fact, of the planet’s orbit entirely. The resulting political tensions fracture Renaissance Europe into several different factions, each with their own strengths – everything from chronomancy to robotics to clones – in an epic battle for control of the chickens, and with them, the galaxy.

Conflicks combines the unique accessibility of physics-based battle mechanics with the tactical depth of strategy games, making it the first game that lets players strategically flick their way to glory. The game includes an extensive and narratively cohesive single-player 21-mission campaign, in addition to multiplayer competitive battles.

To get a taste of Conflicks, check out the launch trailer here, or purchase the game with a 25% off launch-week discount on Steam here!


About Artifice Studio

Located on Montreal’s south shore, Artifice Studio is an independent studio specialized in the creation of original videogames. The studio focuses on gameplay innovation and immersive universes. Their first game project, Sang-Froid – Tales of Werewolves, was released on Steam on March 2013 and was critically acclaimed.



Download the press kit here.

Watch the trailer here.


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