Nyko Releases Core Controller and Kick Stand for Nintendo Switch

Nyko Releases New, Affordable Accessories to their Nintendo Switch Lineup

Los Angeles – November 14, 2017 – Nyko Technologies, the inventive LA-based video game accessories manufacturer, today announced the launch of Core Controller and Kick Stand for Nintendo Switch. These new additions to Nyko’s Nintendo Switch line of accessories help gamers fully enjoy their game sessions no matter where they play. The Core Controller is available at Amazon and Kick Stand for Nintendo Switch are now available at Amazon and GameStop for an MSRP of $19.99 and $4.99 respectively.

“Core Controller is a great, affordable accessory for those marathon gaming sessions, with a long enough cord to play at comfortable distance while the Switch is docked,” said Chris Arbogast, Nyko’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “The Kick Stand is made of metal and has become one of our most popular pre-ordered products, so it’s clear there’s high demand for a sturdier prop for the Nintendo Switch. Both of these strengthen our growing lineup of solutions for the popular console, most recently adding Portable Docking Kit, Thin Case, and Charge Base, among others.”

Core Controller is an affordable and ergonomic controller with a 9.8 foot cable which makes it perfect for any entertainment system. The wired connection between the Nintendo Switch and Core Controller allows for a near instant response time that is perfect for making split second plays in fighting and shooter games. With a form fitting build and turbo functionality, Core Controller is perfect for docked gameplay.

Kick Stand for Nintendo Switch is a replacement kickstand made of metal which can be easily installed to provide a sturdy foundation and extra storage for MicroSD cards. Kick Stand is an affordable solution for gamers who enjoy playing their Nintendo Switch in Tabletop Mode.

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Award-winning Nyko Technologies designs, manufactures and markets innovative and high-quality accessory solutions to enhance the electronic entertainment experience. The company’s mission is to solve problems and improve user experience through products that are as thoughtfully designed as they are functional. Nyko specializes in interactive entertainment technologies for consumer electronics across a wide spectrum of platforms, and has been granted numerous patents for its innovations. Nyko’s best-selling products include the Wii Charge Station, Charge Base for Xbox 360, Perfect Shot for Wii, and Zoom for Kinect.

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