Most Advanced Expansion in Ticket To Ride History – United Kingdom Brings New Territory, New Game Mechanic and More Strategy to Digital Platforms

Asmodee Digital keeps chugging along with new DLC for expanding catalog

PARIS – Nov. 15, 2017 – Asmodee Digital, a leader in digital board game entertainment, today announced the latest update to the digital adaptation of Days of Wonder fan-favorite board game, Ticket to Ride. Featuring a new map – the United Kingdom – and the addition of technology cards, the UK expansion pack brings more than just a new territory to explore, with a whole new technology game mechanic at players’ disposal. Adding an extra element of strategy, technology cards up the ante on the digital railway.

The Ticket to Ride: United Kingdom expansion adds special rules for locomotives, along with 16 new technology cards to improve wagons. These cards allow players to develop technologies and create routes with more than two wagons in England. Examples include Concession, Mechanical Stoker and Propeller cards for claiming new routes (including ferries); Boiler Lagging, Steam Turbines and Double Heading cards for earning extra points; and Right of Way, which allows players to claim existing routes.


The new DLC is available now in-app on iOS, Android, Amazon and Steam.





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