Father.IO and Inceptor AR Laser Tag Shipments Now Being Fulfilled for Indiegogo Backers

Backers Will Be the First to Prepare for Battle Prior to a  Launch With Select Retailers

SAN FRANCISCO – November 16, 2017 – Large-scale augmented reality laser tag is now becoming a reality in Father.IO, a new game for smartphones fueled by the complementary Inceptor device attachment. Thanks to a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign, interactive AR startup Proxy42 announced that fulfillment of backer shipments have begun for the Inceptor devices that make the laser tag gameplay in Father.IO possible, with deliveries expected in the coming weeks. Father.IO leverages the latest AR technology, including Apple ARKit and Core ML, to provide an unmatched photorealistic augmented reality experience for gaming in real life. Once backers receive their Inceptors, they can jump straight into Father.IO’s AR laser tag battlefield. Father.IO and the Inceptor are poised for public launch in December with select retailers.

About Father.IO
Set in the near future where humans and AI are locked in a global war, Father.IO is a massively multiplayer, first-person, AR action game that offers a one-of-a-kind laser tag-like experience using your iOS or Android smartphone. Combining geo-localized real-time strategy elements with first-person shooter mechanics, players can utilize an on-screen minimap and satellite map to locate teammates and coordinate attacks. Father.IO features four different classes, each with their own weapons and GPS-based abilities, giving players the option to customize their loadouts to match their playstyle. Father.IO first made waves in 2016 when it raised more than $456,575 (900% of its original goal!) on Indiegogo.

About Inceptor
The Inceptor attaches to the back of your smartphone and pairs via Bluetooth. Featuring infrared projection and sensing technology, the Inceptor is accurate up to 300 feet away and lets players battle each other both indoors and outdoors. During the Indiegogo campaign, Proxy42 sold more than 15,000 Inceptor units to more than 7,000 backers.

“We’re now ready to share our vision, physically manifested, with the world,” said Francesco Ferrazzino, CEO and Founder, Proxy42, and inventor of Father.IO. “We built the Inceptor from the ground up to deliver the best laser tag experience through Father.IO. Since the huge success of our Indiegogo campaign, it’s now ready for our backers to experience it first out in the public, and we look forward to the wider retail rollout prior to the holidays.”

Earlier this year, Proxy42 raised $2 million in strategic investment from Lenovo Capital and leading Chinese game publisher iDreamSky to support the production of the Inceptor. During the closed beta, Father.IO had 1,500,000 registered players with an additional 330,000 on the waitlist.

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About Proxy42
Founded in 2012, Proxy42 Inc. is an augmented reality gaming and hardware company focused on transforming reality by incorporating real people, places and things into a global game experience. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and powered by an eclectic staff of developers, hackers, designers and other top gaming talent. For more information on Proxy42 visit: http://father.io/




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