Cybershoes for Oculus Quest Now Available for Purchase on Amazon

Shoes for VR movement also integrating with more Quest games: In Death: Unchained, Ancient Dungeon, The Wizards: Dark Times, and more

VIENNA and SAN FRANCISCO – May 25, 2021 – Cybershoes, the world’s first shoes for walking and running in virtual reality, today announced that U.S. customers can now purchase the latest Cybershoes wireless model on Amazon at a price of $349. Compatible with Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets, VR enthusiasts in the United States are a click away from turning their natural foot movement into in-game VR locomotion in their favorite Oculus Quest games.

Additionally, a number of new Oculus Quest games are integrating Cybershoes as a locomotion option. Gamers can utilize full Cybershoe integration to race through the bow-and-arrow action roguelite In Death: Unchained starting today. Cybershoes now also work with The Wizards – Dark Times, the sequel to Carbon Studio’s critically acclaimed VR spellcaster The Wizards

These titles are perfectly suited for Cybershoes, which removes the need to use the joystick for movement.  Whether you are running through Purgatory slinging arrows at the Monks and Knights of In Death: Unchained or slinging spells with The Wizards – Dark Times’ intuitive gesture-based spellcasting system in the plague-ridden realm of Meloria, Cybershoes gives players the freedom to focus their hands and thumbs on gameplay, letting their feet do the literal walking. To see this in action, check out YouTuber Soul Fox Gaming’s use Cybershoes to attempt a speedrun of The Wizards – Dark Times here:

Full integration and optimization for other popular titles is coming soon as well, including the roguelite dungeon crawler Ancient Dungeon when it launches into Early Access later this year. Cybershoes and Team Beef have also continued to work together to bring natural locomotion to the studio’s Quest ports of classic shooters. This includes RTCWQuest, a VR mod of the classic Return To Castle Wolfenstein, as well as QuestZDoom, a mod that brings classic Doom games like Ultimate Doom, Doom64, and more into virtual reality. Cybershoes integration in both RTCWQuest and QuestZDoom will go live via SideQuest in the next few weeks. 

“Launching on Amazon is huge for us because it allows easier access to Cybershoes for Quest gamers who might have been on the fence for our crowdfunding campaigns,” said Michael Bieglmayer, CEO of Cybershoes. “Not to mention that fans will have a variety of fantastic games to choose from as soon as our box shows up on their doorstep! We can’t wait for a whole new audience of VR gamers to experience what Cybershoes are all about.” 

Cybershoes are the logical next step for motion-intensive VR game, naturally translating body movement to in-game locomotion and reducing motion sickness. Additionally, they help players bring more activity into their VR gaming without the need for an expensive and bulky treadmill system. Playing games with Cybershoes is a more active and present experience, and even allows players to track the miles they’ve (virtually) run when playing their favorite games! 

To demonstrate the power of in-game locomotion, Cybershoes has organized a tournament in collaboration with the VR Master League (VRML) and the Between Realities podcast! On May 29, three teams of three prominent VR YouTubers each will compete in the military competitive multiplayer shooter VR game Contractors while using their Cybershoes. The three teams will be captained by Gamertag VR, Soul Fox Gaming, and ProperD, respectively. Casting the tournament is VRML’s own @TheNightFiree. Interested fans can tune in via the participating YouTube channels, and look forward to seeing highlights and further details on the Cybershoes YouTube channel

Stay up to date on all things Cybershoes by following @CybershoesVR on Twitter. Developers interested in integrating Cybershoes into their Oculus Quest games are encouraged to get in touch with the Cybershoes team at

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