CCP Games Kicks Off the EVE Operation Event: ‘Epiphany’ Setting the Stage for EVE Online’s Next Expansion, Launching Later This Year

Embark on a journey to discover hidden stargates to steer the evolution of New Eden’s story in anticipation of the next major content update

REYKJAVÍK, Iceland – August 22, 2023 Today, CCP Games launched the EVE Operation: ‘Epiphany’ event in the iconic spacefaring MMO EVE Online. Previously known as Arc events, this EVE Operation introduces The Deathless, a mysterious pirate figurehead, who invites players to embark on a journey to decipher clues to unveil the locations of concealed stargates. These gates, once discovered, unlock an uncharted domain in EVE Online for players to explore. The first player to find each gate will be rewarded 50 billion ISK and have their names etched into EVE Online’s history. The EVE Operation: ‘Epiphany’ concludes with the reveal of the next major content expansion for EVE Online, which launches later this year.

Watch the trailer for ‘Epiphany’ here:

Introduced during EVE Fanfest 2022, the concept of EVE Operations enables Capsuleers to wield the reins of the spaceship MMO’s storyline. These events give weight to player actions and achievements, propelling EVE Online‘s narrative and ultimately shaping the universe of New Eden.

“Capsuleers are the lifeblood of EVE Online. We are constantly pushing the boundary with what’s possible in how much freedom and control we give our players over its vast universe. Through EVE Operations, Capsuleers affect more than gameplay; they affect the story and become the driving force of change in New Eden,” says Bergur Finnbogason, Creative Director at CCP Games. “There are few things more exciting than finding an unexplored section of space in New Eden. Its untouched resources and unclaimed territory are there for the taking for those who are brave enough to solve ‘Epiphany’’s’ mysteries. Our players love a challenge, and this is right up their alley.”

Continuing the game’s 20th-anniversary celebrations, EVE Fanfest 2023 is slated to be CCP’s biggest in-person event, with all tickets for this year’s monumental event selling out. Throughout and following the event, fans can expect news, surprises, and fantastic community-centric moments.

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