Game Connection Reveals Results of Inaugural Publisher Survey


Data on Publisher Preferences and Focus Available to Developers Free of Charge

SAN FRANCISCO—March 20, 2013—Game Connection and Sherpa Games have today announced the results of their first ever Publisher Survey, conducted between January and February 2013. The Publisher Survey collected responses from 130 different publishers including Microsoft, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Tencent, Zynga, and Nintendo of America, on their target markets, business models, and how they review games submissions from developers. The report is free to developers and can be found at:

The survey finds that seven out of 10 publishers prefer a business model that financially involves the developer – meaning that a game’s development expense is either fully financed by the developer or is only partially funded by the publisher, with revenue-sharing as an ongoing business model. The largest publishers in the video game industry are also increasingly focused on iOS and Android games.

Further findings of the study include:

  • On average, publishers release 36 games per year developed by third-party development studios.
  • 25% of publishers prefer a free to play business model and that 2/3 of the publishers expect that Business Models to evolve in the near future.
  • More than half of responding publishers release games on iOS and Android phones and tablets.
  • Among consoles, PS3 and Xbox are preferred by 30% of publishers.
  • More than 50% of publishers indicate they will begin publishing games for iOS and Android markets or greatly increase the number of games published on iOS and Android.

“Helping the industry has always been in our DNA. Our industry is growing at a very fast pace, which is why we wanted to provide the latest update on trends with this survey,” said Pierre Carde, CEO of Game Connection. “Our clients were requesting information on what publishers are expecting from studios so we conducted a study that goes deep into publisher-developer relations. It has been a pleasure to work with Sherpa Games, and we are proud to provide a full version of the study’s results along with the Submission Guide for free. We also plan to renew this study in the future to keep track of changes in our industry.”

The results are collected in 120 slides, which include graphs and insights on the industry’s evolution as well as a Submission Guide that contains advice for developers on game submission to a publisher and what to include in a demo. Game Connection and Sherpa Games have made this report free to developers, who can access it at:

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