Nuns Run the Underworld in Nun Attack: Run & Gun, Now Available on iOS and Android


Follow-up to Frima Studio’s original Nun Attack game that reached critical mass with over 2.5 million downloads

QUEBEC CITY – August 8, 2013 – Today Frima Studio has announced that the Nuns are on an all-new mission in the convent-ional, fast-paced Eternal Runner Nun Attack: Run & Gun. The Nuns haven’t shed their dirty habits! Rosy, Olga, Mandy and Eva are back with a smattering of Higher Power-ups and divine new abilities. Nun Attack: Run & Gun can be downloaded for free now on iOS and Android devices at:

Watch the trailer.

“Our goal with Nun Attack was to make more than just a mobile game, we wanted to grow it into a brand people will begin to recognize full of characters people will want to see more of,” said Vincent Martel, IP Producer at Frima Studio. “With the launch of the second Nun Attack game today, we’re really seeing this dream come to life. We had such a great reaction from fans at PAX, people were submitting pictures of awesome cosplay and even humming the Nun Attack theme song! We’re really proud to have created something people enjoy and want to see more of.”

The Fallen Nun may have been defeated, but a new evil lurks beneath the heavens. Players will control one of four Nuns as they dash, shoot and slide through obstacles and monsters, including chainsaw-wielding skeletons and huge, heinous werewolves with the most badass weapons in this platforming, side-scrolling runner.

Nun Attack: Run & Gun features:

  • Choose from four different Nuns with unique weapons and abilities
  • Adventure through a variety of worlds with dangerous obstacles and heathens to avoid or eliminate
  • Go the distance to complete objectives for bonuses, such as avoiding traps and shooting chainsaw-wielding skeletons and giant, freaky werewolves
  • Collect more coins to unlock new characters, upgrade guns and power-ups to the Holy Max
  • Share and compete for a new high score with your friends!

Download Nun Attack: Run & Gun now for iOS and for Android devices.


Download the press kit.

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