Pokémon Masters EX Adds Kanto Region Sync Pairs

TOKYO—September 16, 2021—DeNA Co., Ltd., in partnership with The Pokémon Company, has announced that two new sync pairs from the Kanto region are coming to Pokémon Masters EX – Red & Snorlax and Blue (Classic) & Aerodactyl.  

Red & Snorlax are a Normal and Fighting-type sync pair that can Dynamax, which is the ability for a Pokémon to drastically increase its size during battle and receive a boost to their power. In Pokémon Masters EX, a sync pair can Dynamax one time per battle and unleash a powerful move called a max move. Red & Snorlax can unleash one of two max moves: G-Max Replenish provides supporting effects while Max Knuckle deals major damage to a single opponent. Red & Snorlax can be added to players’ teams via the Red Poké Fair Scout, available from now until October 29 at 10:59 p.m. Pacific Time.  

Blue (Classic) & Aerodactyl are a Rock-type sync pair that has the power to mega-evolve into Mega Aerodactyl after using their sync move. This sync pair’s moves and passive skills change after mega-evolving, allowing them to use the powerful attack Double-Edge without taking any recoil damage. Blue (Classic) & Aerodactyl will be available to add to players’ teams via the Blue Poké Fair Scout, available from September 17 at 11:00 p.m. Pacific Time until October 29 at 10:59 p.m. Pacific Time. 

A new trailer showcasing Red & Snorlax and Blue (Classic) & Aerodactyl and hinting at future Main Story updates can be found here on the official Pokémon Masters EX YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/Vla1rKA0jZg

DeNA also announced that the following content updates are now available in Pokémon Masters EX: 

  • Add Giovanni & Mewtwo: The Lurking Shadow Legendary Event has returned, featuring Giovanni, the infamous leader of Team Rocket, and his partner Pokémon Mewtwo. Players who complete the event will have this powerful sync pair join their teams. Lurking Shadow is available from now until October 15 at 10:59 p.m. Pacific Time for players who have completed Chapter 1 of the Main Story.  
  • Increase Giovanni & Mewtwo’s Potential: In Villain Event Prelude: Looming Shadow of Kanto, players can battle against members of Team Rocket to earn items that can be used to raise Giovanni & Mewtwo’s potential from 5★ to 6★ EX, which increases the strength of their sync move and provides them with an additional optional outfit to wear. This event is available from now until October 15 at 10:59 p.m. Pacific Time for players who have completed Chapter 1 of the Main Story. As part of the event, players that log-in to the game daily for 14 days from now until October 2 at 9:59 p.m. Pacific Time will be able to receive up to 1,000 Gems, enough to add up to three sync pairs to their teams. 
  • Two-Year Anniversary Retweet Rally Rewards: Players that log-in to the game before October 8 at 10:59 p.m. Pacific Time will receive 3,000 Gems and 60 5★-Guaranteed Tickets (enough to add two 5★ sync pairs to players’ teams) as a reward for the player community reaching a total of 30,000 retweets on the game’s combined official English (@PokemonMasters) and Japanese (@pokemas-game) Twitter accounts during the rally period. 
  • Players Can Still Get 100 Sync Pairs for Free: Pokémon Masters EX’s biggest giveaway to-date, celebrating the Two-Year Anniversary, is still available to all players. Players that log-in to the game from now until September 29 at 10:59 p.m. Pacific Time will obtain a 10-Pair Scout Ticket, which can be exchanged for 10 sync pair scouts. Players that log-in to the game on ten separate days throughout this period can obtain up to ten total 10-Pair Scout Tickets, good enough to scout 100 sync pairs. 10-Pair Scout Tickets must be used by October 6 at 10:59 p.m. Pacific Time.  

Players can check the in-game menus for more information. Note that in-game event dates are subject to change without notice.  

Stay tuned to the official social media channels on Twitter (twitter.com/PokémonMasters), Facebook (facebook.com/PokémonMastersGame), and Instagram (instagram.com/Pokémonmastersgame), as well as the official YouTube channel (youtube.com/c/PokémonMastersGame), for news about the game.  

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