Adventurers Rejoice! Deepworld Crafts a Path to the App Store for iPhone


MMO crafting adventure game expands its cross platform functionality to a new set of mobile gamers

CHICAGO – March 7, 2013 – Bytebin, an independent MMO game studio, has announced the launch of Deepworld on iPhone and iPod Touch today. Originally released for Mac OSX and iPad, Deepworld has now expanded to all iOS platforms. The iPhone version connects mobile players to a shared online universe already bustling with iPad and Mac users, bringing the same great MMO experience to a new level of portability and accessibility. Deepworld is available for free on the iTunes App Store:

Deepworld is a massively multiplayer 2D crafting game set in a post-apocalyptic steampunk wasteland. Players can venture through mountains and ruined cities, delve into mazelike caves and underground bunkers, and scour for resources while fending off harrowing creatures of the deep. With a robust crafting and inventory system, Deepworld allows players to create hundreds of tools, building materials, decorations, and mechanical contraptions. Players can collaborate and trade with each other in thriving user-created cities and settlements—or they can settle in their own private worlds, available as in-app purchases. Deepworld’s persistent online universe allows players to jump into the game at any time, from any compatible device with an Internet connection, and continue playing from where they left off.

Deepworld is an adventure, but it’s also a growing community of friends, teammates and rivals,” said Bytebin developer Quinn Stephens. “Now that players can connect on virtually any iOS device or Mac desktop, it makes the game more accessible for veterans and newcomers alike. We’re excited to welcome a new and wider audience into the game, and to continue to introduce fresh content to the fans who’ve already found a home here.”

In Deepworld, players can:

  • Explore: Delve into the depths of a constantly changing and expanding world and dig for precious resources, using touch controls specially refined for the iPhone.
  • Create: Return the world to its former glory using hundreds of items and materials, all via a simple one-touch crafting system.
  • Fight: Use crafted weapons to fend off mutant creatures, or construct defenses to protect valuable creations. Battle other players for supremacy in deadly PvP arenas.
  • Collaborate: Meet and join fellow adventurers while exploring the wasteland. Form guilds, trade resources and rare items, and band together to take down the most dangerous foes.
  • Customize: Alter in-game appearance at will. Gather clothing, hats, masks, and other special customizations from the environment. Earn skill points through achievements, and use them to level up abilities—including mining, crafting, agility, and more.

Download Deepworld for free on the iPhone today at:

Download the Press Kit:


About Bytebin
Bytebin is an independent game studio out of Chicago, specializing in building massively multiplayer games, envisioning wild server architectures, and making (and drinking) craft cocktails. The team consists of developers Mike Laurence, Jason Pearl, and artist Quinn Stephens.

Media Contact
Rahat Rashid, TriplePoint for Bytebin
(212) 730-9744




Raft Pirates Plunder the Mobile High Seas


6waves’s mobile MMO out now on the App Store

SAN FRANCISCO – Feb. 28, 2013 – Leading global and mobile social game publisher 6waves, and Big Blue Bubble, the biggest, baddest buccaneers of game development, today announced the launch of Raft Pirates, an MMO featuring adorable robot pirates made just for mobile devices. Starting today, sailors can explore the online seas for resources to build armed rafts, plunder other pirate ships for loot, and protect themselves against enemy captains bent on snatching the booty for themselves. Join the Raft Pirates for free on the shores of the App Store: Continue reading Raft Pirates Plunder the Mobile High Seas

Deepworld Mines its Way onto the App Store


MMO Crafting Adventure Launches on iPad, iPad Mini for Free

CHICAGO – Dec. 13, 2012 –Bytebin Studio, an independent MMO game developer, has today announced the launch of Deepworld for iPad and iPad mini.  The crafting adventure game makes a seamless transition from Mac OSX, allowing players to log into their Deepworld account from either desktop or mobile devices.  The iPad release provides the same complete MMO gameplay and functionality, with controls re-tooled to optimize the iPad’s multi-touch capabilities.  The game is available to download for free on the App Store:

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The Deepworld Crafting Adventure Begins Today on Mac


Cross platform MMO experience also available in iPad beta

CHICAGO – Oct. 18, 2012 – Bytebin today announced the launch of Deepworld, a massively-multiplayer online crafting adventure game, for Mac. The game can be downloaded at for $5.00. Deepworld will also be arriving on the App Store on November 15, 2012 for a complete cross-platform MMO experience.  Sign up for iPad beta access here.
Deepworld possesses treasures and lost technology hidden in the depths of a dilapidated, steampunk universe.  Players find their way through hand-drawn mountains, caves, and ruins, or venture into cities built by friends.  The raw environment is rich with resources and materials to be mined and then turned into hundreds of different items using the game’s easy-to-use crafting system. Players can customize their worlds by placing items anywhere, and can recover lost pieces of technology to build machines and restore the land.Throughout their journey, players may also encounter monsters of the deep and can create weapons to annihilate them.

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Defend Earth from the Demonic Threat in Green Park Station in Hellgate Global

T3fun Reveals a Fiery Month of Events for Players of the Online Action RPG Hellgate Global


LOS ANGELES – September 7, 2012 – T3fun today announced a full lineup of events for Hellgate Global players this September that will challenge all to a heated battle against the demons of Hell. The minions of evil have mercilessly charged their way into the once-safe abode of the humans, but with more powerful equipment now available for Earth’s defenders, surviving the onslaught just got easier. Players can expect tons of rewards and deals this month, especially those who are fortunate enough to encounter the Auspicious Merchant Beelphegor! Continue reading Defend Earth from the Demonic Threat in Green Park Station in Hellgate Global

Gamania Reveals New Video and Assets for Core Blaze in Conjunction with First U.S. Press Event

Exclusive preview event highlights “open-world” experience pooling strategic combat and teamwork

LOS ANGELES – June 7, 2012 – Gamania Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd. today unveiled new gameplay for their upcoming action MMO title Core Blaze with a video and in-game screenshots as part of a private press event taking place in downtown Los Angeles. The event, “Core Blaze: The VIP Experience,” is being held at loftSEVEN Penthouse and will showcase an exclusive build for the first hands-on opportunities with the game. Additionally, the event features cosplay models, a gallery with concept art from Core Blaze and a large-scale crossbow modeled from one of four major game weapons, which was designed by a local Los Angeles metal sculptor with works on display at the ARIA and the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas. Continue reading Gamania Reveals New Video and Assets for Core Blaze in Conjunction with First U.S. Press Event

E3 2012: Snail Games USA to Premier with Full MMO Lineup and Age of Wushu Demo


Asia’s most anticipated free-to-play MMOs make first appearance in North America

LOS ANGELES – May 23, 2012 – Snail Games USA, participating for the first time at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), will preview five MMOs slated for distribution in North America, an impressive entrance for the company at the show, scheduled June 5-7, 2012, in Los Angeles.

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Gamania Announces Core Blaze: The VIP Experience, Thursday, June 7th

New action MMO gets first ever hands-on experience in North America at exclusive press event

TAIPEI, Taiwan – May 22, 2012 – Gamania Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd. today announced Core Blaze: The VIP Experience – a private press demo day taking place on Thursday, June 7th, to showcase their open-world, Unreal Engine 3 powered, action MMO game for the first time ever on US soil. In Core Blaze, players define their roles and skillset by equipping weapons, and interacting with and adapting to a dynamic in-game environment. This invitation-only VIP event will bring some of the greatest elements out of Core Blaze and into the real world at loftSEVEN in downtown Los Angeles. A special teaser trailer for the event was released today:

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