nFluence Enables User Control of Anonymous Interest Graph in Showcase App dealBoard 2.0

iOS app lets consumers drive their own content recommendations

SEATTLE and LONDON – May 31, 2012 – nFluence Media, a Seattle and London-based leader in Interest Graph technology today launched the second version of their dealBoard app, which was released earlier this year. Building on the success of dealBoard for iOS, this is the first showcase of nFluence Media’s Interest Graph technology, where users sort the brands they use to build an anonymous interest graph of themselves, or an “advertar.” dealBoard populates over 35,000 deals from the largest daily deal sites to recommend deals within the app that match the user’s interests.

Major updates in dealBoard 2.0 include a visualization of what selected brands say about the user. After a quick, 30-second sorter, dealBoard provides a starting advertar with specific demographics and characteristics that describe the user in the form of a word cloud. As app users continue to like/dislike daily deals, users can visually see the interest graph get increasingly accurate. Users can also pull down the “About Me” menu to directly refine their advertar to get better matching deals.

“We want to see users retake control of their digital presence and leverage their interests for themselves rather than being served what the black box says should be right for them.  Far too many marketing messages today fall on deaf ears; just take a look at Facebook needing to send 2,000 messages to get a single response!  We have created a technology that will improve the relationship between marketers and consumers to make it a win-win for both parties,” said Henry Lawson, nFluence Media CEO and former President of Donovan Data Systems (now MediaOcean), the technology provider behind 90% of the US and UK’s agency ad spending.

The nFluence team is offering dealBoard as a first demonstration use of the brand sorter technology to help deliver relevant marketing messages to the right people before rolling out partnerships with mobile carriers, shopping malls, and other platforms later this year.

Other added features in dealBoard 2.0 include deal sharing so users can post deals they like on social networks like Facebook. Users can also choose to set their location to their current position or fix it anywhere else enhancing their privacy. The “Your Interests” section within the app will display a brand collage to see what users have liked in the past.

dealBoard 2.0 Is available now on the iTunes App Store for free:

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About nFluence Media
Headquartered in Seattle, Washington and London, England, nFluence Media is a marketing technology startup that is focused on making marketing work better from a consumer’s point of view. Their patent-pending brand sorter technology allows consumers to create anonymous Interest Graphs, or “advertars,” for more relevant targeting of deals, offers, ads and messages. Mobile carriers, broadcasters, retailers and media owners can radically enhance the responses to their assets with massively reduced intrusion on uninterested consumers. Founded by Henry Lawson, CEO and Brian Roundtree, CTO, in 2010, nFluence Media puts power back into consumers’ hands when it comes to controlling their digital presence. nFluence Media is venture-backed and launched their first mobile app, dealBoard, in March 2012. Henry Lawson previously spent 20 years running marketing technology companies including Interep and Donovan Data Systems, now MediaOcean. Brian Roundtree is a successful serial entrepreneur, having previously founded SNAPin Software, which sold to Nuance Communications for $224M in 2008. Together, they are focused on delivering messages to those who are interested, when they want it.  For more information, visit

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