Peak Games Becomes the Third-Largest Social Gaming Platform Worldwide and Sees Tenfold Revenue Increase

Peak Games Reaches 9.7 Million Daily Active Users as Ali Kutay Joins as Advisor and Investor

ISTANBUL & SAN FRANCISCO – June 12, 2012 – Peak Games, the fastest-growing gaming company in emerging markets, today announced its explosive revenue growth, becoming the third-largest social gaming platform in the world. Peak Games is witnessing a rapidly growing user base and in just a year and a half records 30 million monthly active users (MAUs) and 9.7 million daily active users (DAUs) in its social game portfolio. Peak Games has 6 million DAUs across their in-house titles and with published titles reaching 3.7 million DAUs, the platform now has more players than social gaming dynamos Wooga (8.6 million DAUs) and Electronic Arts (9.1 million DAUs). The company has seen 2012 Q1 revenue increase ten times compared to Q1 revenue last year and now new executives are joining the advisory board and management team.

Peak focuses on delivering culturally relevant, multiplayer, and synchronous games to the Turkey and MENA (Middle East & North Africa) regions, which combined make up the third-largest population in the world and the fourth-largest economy. Peak’s multi-platform approach (Facebook, mobile and browser-based games) offers games tailored to significantly different player tastes and cultural preferences across these burgeoning markets, fueling cross-monetization of a diverse games portfolio.

New Leadership and Hires

Peak Games is building out a strong team to pave the way for growth beyond social and into mobile and online platforms across emerging markets, at a time when other social game companies are shrinking. Ali Kutay is an angel investor and former CEO of WebLogic and GoldenGate, both multi-billion dollar companies acquired by Oracle during Kutay’s tenure, and is bringing his expertise in building high-growth tech companies to the gaming industry. Peak Games has seen incredible growth in a short time span, reaching 10 million daily users in just 270 days — a feat which took Twitter 780 days and Facebook 850 days. This progress, along with Peak’s focus on under-penetrated markets, inspired Kutay to invest and join its board of advisors.

“By tapping into the Turkey and MENA markets, Peak has seen substantial growth rivaling that of top global companies,” said Kutay. “The Peak team recognized a need for culturally relevant games in these regions and is delivering titles that fit local lifestyles.”

Robert Unsworth brings ten years of experience in mobile and game distribution to Peak Games, joining as the Director of Business Development. Unsworth previously served as VP of Global Sales and Business Development at Digital Chocolate and at Peak he will expand Peak’s portfolio and oversee Peak’s partner relations and penetration into new markets.

Peak’s Portfolio Highlights

Peak’s first game, Okey, is a traditional Turkish tile-based game and already 50% of Facebook users in Turkey have played over three billion hands of Okey. Furthermore, if Okey’s 18 million players all lived in one city, it would be one of the most populous in the world. Peak’s most recent release, Lost Bubble, is one of the fastest-growing social games today, picking up one and a half million daily users in just four weeks.

Peak Games has more active users than Foursquare (15 million) or Pinterest (20 million) and now the company’s rapid growth has caught the attention of big names in the tech industry.

“The Turkey and MENA regions hold huge potential with a burgeoning economy and an expanding, young population,” said Sidar Sahin, CEO of Peak Games.  “Peak Games understands the importance of tailoring games for people in emerging markets and is already continuing this approach across additional high-growth areas around the world.”

About Peak Games
Peak Games is the largest and fastest-growing gaming company focused on the emerging markets of Turkey, Middle East and North Africa. Despite its regional focus, Peak Games ranks as the third largest social gaming company globally with 30 million monthly active users. A key to Peak Games’ success is its unrivaled expertise in creating and publishing games that fit the unique interests and cultures of emerging markets. The company’s diverse gaming portfolio includes twenty Facebook, browser-based, and mobile game titles.

Peak Games has over 170 employees worldwide that hold deep expertise across gaming and high-tech industries. The company is funded by Earlybird Venture Capital and Hummingbird Ventures, and other notable angel investors. Peak Games has offices and game studios in Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey and in Amman, Damman, Abu Dhabi, Berlin and Barcelona. For more information, visit
Official Website |  Facebook | @PeakGames

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