Spearhead Games Unleashes First Tournament and Worldwide Playtest for Project Cyber at PAX East


Indie developer kicks past 50,000 Steam key requests; builds cyberpunk competitive game in collaboration with community 

MONTREAL – April 8, 2014 – Spearhead Games, an independent developer based out of Montreal, today announced that the studio will demo Project Cyber and host its first tournament at the Unreal Engine Epic Booth #1147 at PAX East. Project Cyber is a physics-based competitive game where champions compete in 3-vs-3 soccer-inspired battles in a cyberpunk world. Spearhead has opened up the entire development process to the community, and more than 50,000 players have already requested Steam keys to share their feedback and see the game progress.

In anticipation of the conference, Spearhead is releasing the official trailer for the game today: http://youtu.be/FF3_O59x4Q4

“Through Project Cyber, we’re exploring the concept of e-sport spectators being able to affect the player experience like in a real live sport,” said Malik Boukhira, co-founder at Spearhead Games. “At PAX we’ll be showing off new dynamic in-game events that, eventually, live-streaming viewers will be able to trigger with their votes! The possibilities for this technology are endless, and we’ll be soliciting more thoughts about it at the Unreal Engine Epic booth.”

In Project Cyber, teams compete in a dystopian battle arena and choose from sleek, powerful characters with unique battle skills: virtual pop icon Vengeful Star is perfected for long-range attacks, while the rebel Vexwrecker covers close-range hits, and sentient robot The Negotiator blocks and deflects the disk with defensive prowess. Just a few weeks in, Spearhead has already implemented suggestions from its community into the game, including building a deflection force on the outer rim of the arena and creating in-game events like earthquakes, gravity shifts and map reconfigurations.

Spearhead believes that making games is better together, and invites fans to sign up for the first ever tournament at PAX East Booth #1147, share ideas on Twitch weekdays at 7:00 p.m. Eastern, and request a FREE playtest Steam key at http://speareheadgames.ca/cyber.

To schedule a Project Cyber press demo at PAX East, please email spearheadgames@triplepointpr.com.



Watch the official Project Cyber trailer on YouTube here or download it here.

See the progression of characters, download new art, and read the fact sheet here.

Request a key: spearheadgames.ca/cyber


About Spearhead Games

Spearhead Games is a Montreal-based independent studio that believes in the power of community and fast-paced, iterative design. The studio’s first title, cooperative action puzzler Tiny Brains for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC, follows the antics of four super-powered lab animals in their quest to escape a mad scientist’s nefarious tests. The studio’s next game, a competitive physics-based video game called Project Cyber, is an experiment in community development. The team will document its progress and ask for feedback on daily Twitch shows at 7 p.m. Eastern. Spearhead Games boasts AAA talent, founded by Simon Darveau, design director on Assassin’s Creed® III, Malik Boukhira, game designer on Assassin’s Creed 2 and Dead Space™ 3, and Atul Mehra, development director on the Army of TWO™ franchise. Follow the team @SpearheadMtl and twitch.tv/spearheadgames.

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