Creative Destruction, NetEase’s Sandbox Survival Game for Mobile Launches Globally

Game celebrates one year with anniversary event, new features like ‘Hell Mode’

BRISBANE, Calif. – Jun. 21, 2019 – Favored by 100 million players from all over the world, NetEase’s Creative Destruction is a FPP/TPP sandbox survival game that combines Battle Royale with a constructive concept. On June 13th, C.D. ended its beta test and officially went online globally. Meanwhile, the much anticipated first anniversary event of C.D. has kicked off on June 21st. Multiple activities, millions of diamonds and exclusive suits await, showing players its full sincerity and gratitude. There are also brand new items here to bring explorers a more varied Battle Royale game play experience.

The anniversary trailer featuring available promotions and new in game features like the Dune Buggy two-seater vehicle, can be seen here.

During the event from June 21st to July 4th, binding and teaming up with any other players in game to accomplish the map missions can get the lucky code for a lucky draw. In addition to the chance to reap great rewards from a total prize pool of millions of diamonds, the picked C.D. Fortunaire can also receive random amount of diamonds everyday when logging in, have official “C.D. Fortunaire” badge in game, get free flex passes, weekly passes, monthly passes and custom room privileges for a whole year!

All players will have the chance to get anniversary candles by logging in every day and opening airdrops in the battlefield. The candles can be used to exchange anniversary suits and weapon skins.

In addition to the varied anniversary celebration activities in game, Creative Destruction also offers lavish gifts outside the game. Players can get free diamond code everyday randomly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by following the official social media pages of C.D. What’s more, there is also a scrimmage among YouTube content creators on our anniversary event. Content creators from all over the world and Top players from all the servers will show their excellent competitive gaming skills in the “Hell Mode”, the audience can not only get their sights fed, but also get gift redeem codes while watching the scrimmage. The content creator/top player who becomes the winner will also give out extra fancy gifts to the players who support him/her!

In celebrating its anniversary, C.D. will also launch its brand new vehicle system – Dune Buggy and Convertible. Dune Buggy is a two-seater vehicle with strong off-road performance, it can be a good companion on the battlefield, while Convertible has 4 seats of which the speed is its biggest advantage, The Convertible can run as fast as wind when used to head to the safe zone or switch fighting bases. For the players who have already been fans of ejection seat and springboard, it is a chance to discover new play methods on the playground! Except for vehicles, C.D. will also release new creative items such as bathtub couple parachute and champagne destructor, etc.

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