Asmodee and the Fondation Université Paris Cité put board games at the heart of their reflection on creativity

PARIS — April 13, 2022 — A few days ahead of World Creativity Day, Asmodee and the Université Paris Cité Foundation have announced the launch of the HOMO CREATIVUS Chair, the first of its kind in France. The Chair is headed by Professor Todd Lubart of the Université Paris Cité’s Laboratory of Applied Psychology and Ergonomics (LaPEA). This pioneering Research Chair is set to study creativity in society from five key angles, including one devoted to creativity through games, in both children and adults, for which Asmodee, key actor of entertainment as well as worldwide leader of board game edition and distribution, becomes the first sponsor.

Creativity: one of the 4 key skills of the 21st-century

Since 2018, Asmodee has been backing the production of scientific content on board games through its Game in Lab initiative. This program highlights the benefits of board games as a means of awakening, teaching and for social bonding. Asmodee has established contributing to a scientific understanding of the contribution of games to society as a mission. This year, Asmodee is strengthening its approach by becoming a sponsor of the HOMO CREATIVUS chair, led by Prof. Todd Lubart (LaPEA). The company will be investing €50,000 per year, earmarked to study creativity through games in both children and adults over three years.

Games are becoming increasingly important in the world of entertainment, education and business. According to studies, they promote the transmission of cross-disciplinary skills, including creativity, which many international surveys (OECD, IBM1 & the World Economic Forum) have identified as a key skill for the 21st-century.

However, existing research does not clearly indicate whether there is a link between board games and the development of creativity in adults or children. What types of games are most beneficial and under which circumstances? What is the precise nature of their link? This kind of questioning echoes the issues that Asmodee investigates in order to better define the scope of its actions and best steer its products development. This is why Asmodee group has decided to provide direct support to the researchers most involved in the field, in order to help them take part in conferences, establish contacts with actors of the ecosystem and encourage initiatives to popularize science.

“We are proud to be supporting such a comprehensive and groundbreaking research project to improve knowledge about the benefits of board games. The Applied Psychology and Ergonomics Laboratory of Université Paris Cité is a pioneer in this field, surrounded by international experts, who will help us better understand the importance of creativity and games in our daily lives. The creation of a Chair recognises the importance of the subject for the university and the academic world, and we want to contribute to making this initiative a success.” – Stéphane Carville, CEO Asmodee

(From left) Todd Lubart, professor of the Université Paris Cité’s Laboratory of Applied Psychology and Ergonomics (LaPEA); Rose-Marie Van Lerberghe, Fondation Université Paris Cité chairman; Stéphane Carville, CEO of Asmodee Group; and Gérard Friedlander, Fondation Université Paris Cité executive officer

A closer look at board games

The LaPEA has conducted preliminary studies on two types of board games (creative and noncreative) in order to lay the foundations for future experimental research. The link between creativity and role-playing games or video games has already been examined, but studies on board games are less common. And yet they have become an increasingly popular leisure activity, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. These preliminary studies will form the basis of the work to be carried out over the next three years. They define the link between board games and creativity, which now needs to be quantified more precisely within the framework of this new Chair.

“Our goal is to study and then apply creativity to meet personal, professional and societal challenges. This partnership will allow us to benefit from the expertise of the teams at Asmodee, whose extensive range of games offers immense potential. Thanks to this, our researchers will be able to explore many avenues and draw on the most pertinent games to carry out their assignment.” – Todd Lubart, Professor of Psychology

The studies will be accompanied by online surveys enabling the general public to participate, to better gauge the link between the frequency of playing board games and creativity at work. Researchers will also be able to identify the games and types of games that have the greatest beneficial effects on individual and societal well-being. As part of the research, an annual conference on the relationship between Creativity and Games will be held to report on the results as the studies progress.

World Creativity Day – April 21 

To mark World Creativity Day on 21 April, Asmodee and Université Paris Cité are organizing an afternoon of discussions open to the general public. Everyone interested in this theme is welcome to learn about the research and take part in discussions on the benefits of games for development and creativity.

  • 2pm-3pm: presentation by Université Paris Cité and Asmodee on the recognised link between games and creativity.
    • Todd Lubart, Professor of Psychology; Maxence Mercier, Research Engineer; and Mikaël Le Bourhis, Head of Asmodee Research
  • 3pm-3.45pm: public survey and real-time analysis.
    • Samira Bourgeois-Bougrine, psychologist specialised in creativity
  • 3.45pm-4.30pm: round-table discussion on creativity and games, led by Créa France.
    • Charles Chevallier, games designer; Emmanuelle Marevery, player experience specialist; Mathieu Aubert, head of Libellu

1Berman, S., & Korsten, P. (2010). Capitalizing on complexity: Insights from the global chief
executive officer study. Somers, NY: IBM

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