PeakourTM Ap(pea)rs on the iOS App Store Today from Gotta Pea®

Pea-themed parkour puzzler offers challenging family fun on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

HARRISBURG, Pa. – April 5, 2012 Gotta Pea, LLC, developer of family-friendly mobile and social online games, today announced its first iOS title, Peakour™ has jumped out of the pod and onto the iTunes App Store. This physics-based puzzler—the first in a line of pea-themed Gotta Pea® games—asks players to strategically maneuver pieces of junk to get from start to finish without falling into the yucky Zompea pit below.

Download Peakour on the iOS App Store now, for iPhone or iPad.

Gotta Pea’s pod leader, PeaG serves as your daring doppelganger for the obstacles ahead in Peakour. Use various junkyard materials to build a clear path for PeaG and collect as many bottle caps as possible along the way. If he falls into the Zompea pit, start over and try again, or you can stop slipups before they happen by pausing PeaG mid-course and rearranging the junk. PeaG’s journey is not for the faint of heart; help him avoid breakaway icicles, hazardous flames, floating bubbles and teleports, as you skip, hop and jump through Peakour’s chill-riffic freezer, fiery oven, tumbling washer and electrifying computer.

See for yourself in the official launch trailer:

Think 100 levels of physics challenges across four death-defying worlds are enough? Oh, pea serious! After collecting 250 bottle caps, you can access “Peacasso’s Creation Station” to create your own levels and share them with friends. With a free Gotta Pea account, you can also receive V.I.Pea Awards for sharing levels and scores via Facebook and Twitter.

“The biggest challenge of building an interactive brand is getting past all the logistics long enough to make fun products,” said Douglas Ian Koozer, Creative Director of Gotta Pea, LLC. “My six year-old daughter inspired me to create fun games for families… I think she is on to something.”

Peakour players can play with the peas on the, too. “Pea yourself” in the character creator, meet the whole pod of Gotta Pea personalities (like Chick Pea, Wasapea and Pea Brain), and take a (pea)k at the leaderboard for high scores to beat.

Gotta Pea? Play the lite version for free or purchase the full game for $0.99 to get more worlds and junk and unlock the level creator right away by earning 250 caps or a $1.99 purchase.

Download art assets in the press kit
Check out the Peakour launch trailer

On the App Store:
Peakour™ for iPhone/iPod – Gotta Pea, LLC
Peakour™ HD for iPad – Gotta Pea, LLC


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Founded in 2008, Gotta Pea® LLC is a quirky company out to save the world. With their eye on the environment, a pea-riffic line of mobile and social online games and Peatown at the center of their universe, Gotta Pea creates fun products for the whole family. Gotta Pea games are addictively entertaining and Gotta Pea characters are a pod-full of personality, building buzz for environmental issues across interactive digital divides.  Meet them all in 2012 and help spread “Peas on Earth”. Gotta Pea® is a registered trademark. ©2011 Gotta Pea, LLC

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