AppStori Unveils Community Platform to Discover, Fund and Support Mobile Innovation

Mobile App Builders and Consumers Collaborate in the Process

NEW YORK – May 1, 2012 – AppStori today announced the launch of its community and funding platform dedicated to mobile app development, where consumers can browse and contribute to the creation of innovative mobile projects before they reach the app store. Using AppStori, mobile enthusiasts can discover original app ideas from a catalog of pre-screened projects and support them in a variety of ways: by making a financial contribution, providing user feedback and engagement, offering their services, and promoting them with social tools. Projects currently featured on AppStori include mobile apps for gaming, social discovery, health, politics and social causes. A listing of launch projects can be found on:

All teams that list projects on AppStori set an initial funding goal to be met before a fixed date. Money only changes hands if the goal is met or exceeded. Consumers who choose to make a financial contribution to mobile app projects are entitled to receive customized “benefits” from project teams as a “thank you.” Different tiers of benefits are made available depending on the amount of a contribution, and can range from in-app awards to branded merchandise, to other app specific goods and services.

For mobile technology consumers, AppStori provides a preview, as well as a means to influence, which apps make their way into the app store. This empowers users to vote with their dollars and their voice in developing the next generation of mobile apps. For mobile developers and entrepreneurs, the platform offers an alternative way to centrally fund novel ideas from a global mobile community, and at the same time, invite consumers to participate in the creative and marketing process.

“With the increased use of community funding and crowd-sourcing solutions, and the explosive growth of the mobile market over the last few years, we felt it fitting to offer innovative minds a dedicated resource to help bring their amazing ideas to life,” said co-founders Michael Semegran and Arie Abecassis. “There’s still much innovation to be unlocked in mobile technology, and we wanted to create a robust, market-driven platform to improve app discovery and development.”


AppStori is a community-funding platform that enables innovation for builders and consumers of mobile technologies. By being part of the AppStori community, creators of mobile app projects get the opportunity to receive financial backing as well as market-based feedback and social support from a global community of mobile enthusiasts. Consumers of mobile apps can see and help shape the “future of the app store” by browsing through different mobile app projects and supporting the ones they would like to see come to life. AppStori is a privately held company based in New York.
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