Dashlane Releases Infographic Detailing Major Online Security Breaches of Past Year

72% of US Adults Concerned About Their Online Data Being Used Without Their Knowledge

NEW YORK- September 14, 2012 –

Dashlane, a New York-based secure password manager, today released an infographic visually displaying the past year’s security breaches, totaling hundreds of millions of accounts compromised. Despite dozens of high profile security breaches and the fact that three out of five US adults feel they are vulnerable to being hacked online, most do not take the necessary measures to protect and secure their personal data.  In a recent Harris Interactive poll, 69% reported that they reuse the same password on multiple sites and more than half do not change their passwords regularly, putting all of their private information at risk if one account is hacked.

With the odds for another security breach high, don’t become an unwilling victim.

  • Use a strong and unique password for every site
  •  Never store personal information in your browser
  • Change your passwords frequently
  • Verify that email links go to legitimate sites
  • Avoid accessing important accounts on open wi-fi networks
  • Take advantage of a password manager, like Dashlane, to help you organize and remember your accounts.

While, as a customer, it’s impossible to prevent a security breach, by taking control of your online presence and following some of these security tips, you can keep your personal information safer.

 For more information visit http://www.dashlane.com/blog/2012/09/14/infographic-all-the-major-security-breaches-in-the-past-year-plus-how-to-be-safe-online/


Download the infographic here.

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