Farming Simulator 2013: A Rich Harvest of New Features in Screenshots

PARIS – Oct. 19, 2012 – Just a week from release, Farming Simulator 2013 unveils an ultimate series of screenshots, inviting us in for a tour of these new features and exceptional content from the game.

First off, Farming Simulator 2013 offers a huge new playable map: bigger than before, this map features many locations to buy new equipment and sell your fresh products. It also features many field plots which you can buy in order to expand your farm, harvest crops, and also build new infrastructure such as wind turbines and greenhouses.

And this is not all! Dozens of new machines and vehicles, some of which are dedicated to the new crops in the game like potatoes and sugar beets, make their appearance alongside large and prestigious manufacturers never seen before in Farming Simulator: Case IH, Lamborghini, Grimme, and Amazon to name a few. Finally, you can diversify your livestock: chicken and sheep join cows, along with several vehicles and tools to help feed and rear them. Today’s screenshots unveil some of these new features of Farming Simulator 2013, that you will have the opportunity to discover for yourself in a week!

Farming Simulator 2013 releases on PC on October 25 2012 (November 2 in the UK), and on Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 in Q1 2013.

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