Kontagent Joins Gamebrain™ Development Platform with Indie-Tailored Analytics Solution


Gamebrain Community to Gain Affordable Access to Industry-leading Mobile Analytics Solution 

SAN FRANCISCO – September 18, 2013 –  Gamebrain™ and Kontagent today announced a partnership that will see an exclusive version of Kontagent’s mobile analytics solution offered through Gamebrain’s development platform. Additionally, Kontagent will offer Gamebrain users tiered access points specifically tailored for the platform’s small- to mid-sized developers. Ideal for independent game developers, a free service tier will provide them more data and insight into their players’ first-session engagement, lifetime value, and monetization strategies specific to user spending behaviors. Kontagent will fill a critical role for Gamebrain as it addresses the business strategy for developers with its simplified workflow solution and centralized resource bank that streamlines the development process.

“As game developers continue to see their passion for game creation and products as businesses with very specific needs, Gamebrain’s aim is to support the needs of small- to mid-sized teams with the tools necessary to compete and succeed in today’s marketplace, and Kontagent fills a critical component of that process,” said Eduardo Cervantes, CEO, Gamebrain. “Having firmly established itself as the leading solution of choice for mobile analytics, we believe that Kontagent’s offering is a perfect match for developers using Gamebrain, particularly at a level of accessibility designed for smaller teams.”

Signups for the closed beta are now being accepted on www.gamebrain.com, which is set to launch in Q4 2013.

“Kontagent is committed to supporting the exploding mobile marketplace of small- and mid-sized development studios with the analytics they need to optimize and grow their businesses, and our partnership with Gamebrain reinforces this commitment,” said Anthony Yoo, GM, Channel Development, Kontagent. “Empowering smaller teams with the intelligence in which the big publishers have easier access is important to the overall health of our industry, and Gamebrain will be a critical vehicle in this effort.”

Kontagent offers game developers the business insight they need to increase acquisition, engagement, and monetization. Games that win in mobile are those that understand how to leverage their data to build the best player experience and make the right business decisions. Kontagent is a pioneer in providing mobile analytics tailored to specific business goals and needs. The company’s roster of customers include Halfbrick (Fruit Ninja), Ubisoft, SGN, Electronic Arts and Big Fish.

The Gamebrain Development Workflow platform will level the playing field for smaller teams to compete with larger studios by reducing the complexity and cost associated with the execution of projects. The flexible framework allows developers to customize a workflow that meets their needs while allowing the selection of only the tools and services needed for the project. Additional social features will enable members to connect and collaborate with others on projects, while 50GB of free cloud storage will be available for each project.

More information about the platform will be released soon. To connect with Gamebrain, visit:
– Website: www.gamebrain.com
– Twitter: www.twitter.com/GamebrainTM
– Facebook: www.facebook.com/GamebrainTM

About Gamebrain

Gamebrain is a cloud-based development and publishing platform designed to address the challenges facing small and mid-sized game developers. Gamebrain consolidates various partners in all facets of game development, including game engine, art, animation, testing and market leading analytics, to offer developers a one-stop shop to take a project from ideation to monetization. Gamebrain is a subsidiary of mobile entertainment publisher Connect2Media, with offices in San Francisco, Manchester (UK) and Krakow (Poland). Gamebrain has received investment from leading venture capital funds Foresight Group and Enterprise Ventures.

To learn more about Gamebrain, please visit: www.gamebrain.com

About Kontagent 

Kontagent is the leading mobile analytics solutions provider for business enterprises, game and application developers, marketers and producers. Kontagent tracks more than 250 million monthly active users, thousands of applications, and more than 250 billion events each month for customers around the globe. The company’s proprietary mobile analytics solution, kSuite, was built from the ground up specifically to help organizations gather, analyze and use their data to grow and dominate in the mobile marketplace. Kontagent has offices in San Francisco, Toronto, London, Seoul and Tokyo. Its clients range from medium- to enterprise-level companies from all over the world, including North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

For more information, visit www.kontagent.com and follow Kontagent on Twitter @Kontagent.

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