Chess 2: The Sequel Available Today Exclusively On OUYA


Pawns get PWNED in David Sirlin’s update to the classic board game

Ludeme Games today announced that Chess 2: The Sequel is now available exclusively on the OUYA console. The brainchild of renowned game designer David Sirlin, Chess 2: The Sequel updates the classic board game, introducing asymmetric play, six armies to choose from, and new win conditions sure to keep players constantly in check. The game’s offline mode will be free forever, with ranked online matchmaking available via in-game purchase.

To celebrate the occasion, Ludeme and OUYA released a launch trailer which is available here.

Chess 2 features:

  • Beautiful HD graphics
  • Six armies to engage and master, including Nemesis (which gives pawns more freedom of movement), Reaper (in which the queen can teleport), and Two Kings (which provides the player with an extra King piece)
  • Online play with ranked matchmaking is available for purchase using the in-game currency, Crowns. Each game costs 8 Crowns; 120 Crowns can be purchased for $1.99.

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