Prepare Your Bowls: Grimm Bros Serves Up Dragon Fin Soup, Available Now


Comedic Fairy Tale-Subverting Roguelike RPG Will Ruin Your Childhood Memories on PC, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

PHILADELPHIA – Nov. 3, 2015 Lock up your grandmas – Grimm Bros has announced that its highly-anticipated RPG-roguelike Dragon Fin Soup is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita on November 3rd. A labor of love dedicated to the NES classics that the Bros were raised on, a bowl of Dragon Fin Soup contains lush, narratively cohesive worldbuilding, intuitive turn-based combat, and a thorough crafting system, spiced with the high-stakes spontaneity of a procedurally generated roguelike and a healthy dollop of dark humor. You can get a look at the colorful, hand-drawn world of Asura in the launch trailer.

Dragon Fin Soup will be free via PlayStation Plus for the month of November. You can also find Dragon Fin Soup on Steam for $19.99 – buy the game during launch week for a 10% discount!

In Dragon Fin Soup, players assume the role of Robin, a rakish, shotgun-wielding Little Red Riding Hood who’d rather end her night at the local tavern than at grandmother’s house. Though on the surface Robin resembles her fairytale namesake, this wolf in sheep’s clothing is a raucous, bawdy alcoholic with a tendency to fly into berserker rages and wreak havoc on the world around her (drink one too many “health potions” and you’ll find out what that means).

The game includes three different ways to play: Story Mode, a narrative-driven campaign in which players venture through the fantastical of Asura to learn the secrets of Robin’s mysterious past; Survival Mode, a classic roguelike dungeon crawl; and the procedurally generated Endless Labyrinth Mode. In-game combat employs a turn-based grid system and requires the utmost precision and strategy, and  players interested in customizing their experience can craft the armor and artillery of their dreams with over 600 crafting recipes.

Dragon Fin Soup is part of a balanced breakfast,* and is available now.


*Assuming your idea of “balance” involves chugging mead and sticking swords into skeletons


About Grimm Bros

Grimm Bros, LLC is creating modern IP franchise of darker themed fairy tale inspired games for core and mid-core gamers across multiple platforms, led by industry veterans Ash Monif (EA, Atari, Bioware) and Randis Albion. Their debut title – Dragon Fin Soup – is a charming classic JRPG style game which blends together roguelike elements, tactical action, and deeply flawed characters with tales of murder, madness, and a splash of dark humorous libations.

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