New Trailer Teases Existential Puzzle Platforming in Klaus, Set for January Launch


Get Hands-On at PlayStation Experience in San Francisco This December 6-7

LOS ANGELES – Nov. 19, 2015 – Filmmaker-turned-indie studio La Cosa today announced that they will showcase their debut title Klaus, an introspective, narrative-driven 2D puzzle platformer that explores free will and the human condition through vivid, high-contrast platforming, at PlayStation Experience in San Francisco this December 5-6. You can get a glimpse of what to expect from the game for the very first time in the studio’s brand new teaser trailer:

Several new in-game screenshots and original artwork have also been released for the first time, which may be downloaded here.

In Klaus, the player character wakes up in a richly colored windowless room with no memories, no possessions, and no clues, save for the word “KLAUS” tattooed on his arm. The studio’s film background shines in the mindfully minimalist aesthetic of the game’s universe, which accentuates the absurdist disorientation of its title character. The world is rendered in pop-art high-contrast: gleaming red over inky black, glaring yellow against vivid violet, all coming together to form a sharp-edged geometric kaleidoscope of color that pairs perfectly with the title’s electronic soundtrack.

In addition to the Dualshock 4 traditional control scheme, Klaus will employ the PS4’s intuitive touchpad interface to let players more directly influence the game environment. Players will need both hair-trigger reflexes and thorough, thoughtful strategy in order to navigate Klaus’ puzzling world.

“Video games are evolving, splintering into something far more varied and far more complex than they were when we were kids,” said Victor Velasco, Creative Director of La Cosa. “They’re a whole new narrative form, one that asks its audience to think and to act and to feel. We want Klaus to exemplify this new breed of game, mechanically tight but also informed by a century of cinematic storytelling, and we’re thrilled to show it off at PSX this December.”

Take a peek into Klaus’ world in the brand new cinematic teaser trailer here.

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About La Cosa
La Cosa was founded by a group of filmmakers who decided to use their background for a more interactive narrative form. The studio is dedicated to crafting thoughtfully-paced, introspective cinematic gaming experiences, starting with their debut PS4 title Klaus.


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