Action RPG Beat-Em-Up & Dark Comedy Lost Castle Launches Sept. 1

Lost Castle Title Screen

Selling 130,000 copies while in “Early Access,” Lost Castle to be launched worldwide on Steam

BEIJING – August 17, 2016 – Another Indie Studios, Inc., a leading international indie games publisher, together with X.D. Network Inc., today announced that Lost Castle, an action RPG beat-em-up with roguelike elements, will officially launch worldwide on Steam on September 1. The title, which has sold nearly 130,000 copies in “Early Access,” pits players against deadly minions inside Castle Harwood in a dynamically challenging and procedurally-generated dungeon showdown that is sure to make players laugh throughout. The dark comedy of action RPGs, Lost Castle will be available for digital download and priced at $7.99 USD on Steam and the Humble Bundle Store.

  • A gameplay trailer has been released showing the carnage and hilarious action that players can expect to encounter, viewable at:

Castle Harwood, once filled with treasure and nobles, has become overrun with hellish demons and Treasure Hunters descending on the Lost Castle, looking for loot and fame as conquerors of the evil that resides within. As an action RPG with roguelike elements such as perma-death and procedural dungeon generation, players must arm themselves with over 270 possible weapons, armor and items (including diarrhea-causing potions!) and go face-to-face with enemies to fight off almost imminent death. Each unsuccessful quest is not in vain though as the souls of fallen enemies can be used to upgrade the party of Treasure Hunters in hopes of ensuring subsequent runs will be more successful. Lost Castle supports two player online or local cooperative play, so that Treasure Hunters can fight together as a team to defeat enemies.

“Not only does Lost Castle stand out visually because of its hand-drawn graphics, but its roguelike gameplay pacing differs from current trends, prioritizing real-time strategy action over twitch-based reaction times,” says Iain Garner, Global Developer Relations and Marketing Director at Another Indie Studio. “Since most Chinese PC games are very casual and free-to-play driven, Lost Castle’s local performance is also trend-defying given its premium pricing and humorous gameplay that is easy to pick up, but difficult to master.”

Lost Castle was initially released in Steam “Early Access” in February 2016, and has been continually updated with expanded content throughout its development lifecycle, greatly updating the game for its final launch.

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