Asmodee Digital Brings Competitive Misery to Steam with Gloom, Coming March 2018

Sky Ship Studios Joins Forces with Asmodee Digital to Build Out Digital Release of Desolate Deck-Based Classic

PARIS – Nov. 30, 2017 – Asmodee Digital today announced their partnership with Sky Ship Studios to produce the digital release of Gloom, the deck-building game that challenges its players to outmatch their opponents in depressive spectacle, vying to undergo the most miserable mishaps while sabotaging the competition with happy occasions. Gloom will slouch onto Steam in March 2018. The game will be available on tablet platforms later next year.

Partnering with Asmodee will allow Sky Ship to flesh out a slew of desolate new digital content for their PC launch:

  • Friends List: Asmodee knows that misery loves company, so they’ve enabled players to build a list of friends within the Gloom platform and chat with prospective opponents before a session.
  • Single Player: Misanthropes who prefer to languish alone can compete against bots.
  • Immediate Bot Replacement: When online players grow too sad to go on, Gloom will instantaneously swap in AI opponents.
  • Karma System: Gloom will use Asmodee Digital’s Karma system to reward good behavior (not leaving games in the middle of a match, etc.), allowing players to set a minimum Karma requirement for players joining their match.
  • Cross Platform Play (Coming Soon): With cross-platform compatibility between devices, Gloom players will be able to suffer on any system when the game expands to tablets in 2018.


Gloom press kit:


Masochists and sadness enthusiasts can suffer in style with Gloom on Steam in March 2018. Check out Asmodee Digital for more information:




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