Fairy Companion Arrives to Black Desert Mobile

Adventurers can now rescue a Fairy and participate in timed events to earn rare rewards

Manhattan Beach, CA — September 13, 2022 — Pearl Abyss today launched the Fairies and Magical Creatures update in Black Desert Mobile, allowing players to add an adorable Fairy companion to their adventures.

Fairies are magical partners that boost action and defense stats. Players build a Fairy House to raise their companion from infancy to adulthood. Increase a Fairy’s skills and strengthen their bond to the player through activities like chatting, dancing, singing and more. Players can grow Fairies in different ways to affect their appearance, personality and abilities. 

Check out the trailer for Fairy companions here.

The Fairies and Magical Creatures update adds the following features:

  • A Cute Companion: Raise a baby Fairy to improve player stats. Interact with the companion in the camp’s Fairy House or through the Fairy menu, which appears on the upper right side of the in-game screen and to the left of the adventurer’s HP bar. 
  • Fairy Playtime: Help grow your Fairy through playtime activities like meditation, dancing and singing. 
  • Raise Your Fairy: Fairies have six traits: cheerful, honest, relaxed, bold, creative and friendly. Choose different chat replies with the baby Fairy to affect its stats and personality at adulthood.
  • Evolve Your Fairy: Use the Blossom feature to increase the Fairy’s skill slots and increase their max trait. 

Adventurers can also earn rare rewards by attending Fairy events:

  • Fairy Premium Login Event (Sept. 13 – Oct. 10) – Adventurers can log in daily to receive rare goodies like Black Pearl currency and the Adventurer’s Alchemy Stone Growth Support Chest that will boost a character’s growth. 
  • Fairy’s Adventure (Sept. 13 – Sept. 19) – Adventurers can receive rare rewards by defeating monsters and collecting Dice Pieces to use the Fairy’s Adventurer Board. Rewards include the Adventurer’s Primal Accessory Chest and the Neruda Shen Ancient Secret Chest, a new item that holds a Primal Unknown Glyph, Unidentified Primal Elion Rune, Chaos Jewel and more.

To unlock the Fairy, adventurers must complete the following quests:

  • Unlock the “Fairy” side story by completing the Northeast Kamasylvia main quest, “Lemoria Guard Post Commander.”
  • Complete the “Fairy” side story to obtain a baby Fairy and the title “Fairy Very Adorbs.”

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