Catch the WAVEN wave on 16 August 2023 at 5 p.m. CEST. 

A new game trailer gives players a peek at what’s waiting for them during the early access period. 

Seafaring adventurers can set sail with premium cosmetic items in Founder’s Packs and the brand  new Gold and Platinum Passes. 

Paris and Roubaix, 16 August 2023 – Raise the anchor, hoist the main sail, and cast off because the  WAVEN early access starts today. 

The long-awaited new game from the Roubaix-based company is finally available on 16 August 2023  for free in early access on Windows PC and Mac. WAVEN is available on the Ankama Launcher and on  Steam. The game will be available later this year on iOS and Android mobiles and tablets when it  officially launches as a cross-play experience. 

To celebrate the early access launch, a new gameplay trailer has been released to give explorers a  glimpse of what they might find on the game’s shores. 

Find the Waven PC early access launch trailer here.

In a flooded world where only a few islands have survived the rising waters, you play a seafaring  adventurer searching for answers to this great upheaval. Long ago, gods and dragons ruled the world.  Today, magic remains… but what of the mythical beings of yesteryear? Embark on the great WAVEN  saga and forge your own destiny: choose your character, equip your best spells, and sail from island to  island in quest of wealth and glory. Level up your hero and your strategy in this free-to-play tactical  multiplayer RPG with unique colorful graphics. 

The early access will start with a short narrative prologue, then dive quickly into the WAVEN adventure  with more than 250 quests to complete, 17 destinations to visit, 25 heroes to discover, 90 companions  to collect, 300 spells to equip, and many, many more mysteries to discover. Players can face off in PvP  in the arena or fight side by side as friends. 

Certain game features, such as the main quest and island defense, will be available later once the  flagship is ready to set sail at the end of 2023. 

For more details on what the early access contains, head over to: https://forum.waven game.com/en/41-news/2189-waven-early-access-lifts-anchor-august-16 

After several open alphas and, more recently, a demo version that has already generated valuable  feedback from the community, the WAVEN early access is the final decisive step before the definitive  game launch at the end of 2023 and will let WAVEN teams test the latest gaming systems. 

“This early access is an essential moment for the whole team and a launch pad for the final game  release at the end of the year,” said Bastien Guers, game producer at Ankama Games. “We are excited  to get feedback from players so we can refine the WAVEN experience as much as possible and make it  a truly unique adventure for the community.” 

This early access launch comes with three Founder’s Packs which will be available for purchase as  soon as the game is released. These packs let players unlock exclusive cosmetics while also  supporting the game creators and developers. 

Finally, players can get even more cosmetic items to customize their progression with the free  season pass and two paid passes (Gold and Platinum), which offer additional rewards for completing  in-game challenges.

The early access also gives all participants a special FX cosmetic – a halo world visual. This welcome  goodie will be available for the full duration of early access until the official release of WAVEN.  

The WAVEN early access starts on 16 August on Windows PC and Mac. The game will be released in  its final version at the end of 2023 on Windows PC, Mac, and iOS and Android mobile and tablet  versions. WAVEN is developed by Ankama Games and co-published by Ankama Games and New Tales.

Assets can be found here.  

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About the Ankama Group 

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