Mad Mushroom Announces First Title: Co-Op Roguelike Shooter, Atomic Picnic

Content creator-led publisher’s debut title hits Steam Early Access in Spring 2024

Developed by BitCake Studio, limited playtest now available at

AUSTIN, Texas — December 8, 2023 — Mad Mushroom, an influencer-owned video game publisher under the OTK Network, today unveiled its first publishing title, Atomic Picnic from Brazil-based BitCake Studio. Launching into Steam Early Access in Spring 2024, Atomic Picnic is a co-op third-person shooter roguelike, set in a dystopian monster-filled universe where reality itself was broken by humanity’s greed. Check out a new trailer at

A limited playtest for Atomic Picnic starts today – apply to get access now at On Monday, December 11, the playtest will open to all and be accessible via the game’s Steam page. This playtest will run until December 18. 

Players join forces with up to three other “Loners” and embark on scavenger hunts- called “Picnics” – confronting relentless hordes of monsters. No two Picnics are ever the same, and players will bond through these trials as they run, gun, explore, collect and upgrade in a fight against waves of monsters and bosses. Each Picnic is a unique adventure, offering different upgrade paths and special events to challenge both solo Loners and groups of friends. 

“We were immediately drawn to the vibrant and striking art style of Atomic Picnic. With its blend of co-op, roguelike, and bullet heaven elements, this is a perfect first title for Mad Mushroom to publish,” said Mike “Sibs” Silbowitz, CEO of Mad Mushroom. “And BitCake Studio’s commitment to open, community-first development makes them a wonderful first development partner for us as well.”

“Our job at Mad Mushroom is to find crazy good indie games that people will love and get eyes on them. With an audience of more than 150 million people on our streams, we have those eyes,” said Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, Chief Games Officer at Mad Mushroom. “Atomic Picnic is a roguelike with the goods to get there, and being cooperative makes it even better. I love that shit and I hope everyone else will too.”

Key features of Atomic Picnic include:

  • Skillful Movement: Masterfully moving through each level, players experience a fast-paced and deep movement system, skillfully dashing and swinging around the world at high speeds.
  • Overpowered Builds: Going beyond the limits of their potential, players strive to defeat a nearly endless horde of adversaries. They will level up to unlock new abilities and weapon upgrades, experimenting with builds to find the perfect combination that will carry them to victory.
  • Massive Boss Fights: There’s nowhere to hide! Players will have to join together and strategize to take down massive, battlefield-sized monsters. 
  • Bullet Heaven with Friends: Atomic Picnic is the first co-op roguelike shooter that includes a “collect-a-thon” progression system of the “Survivors-like” genre. 
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream work: The game thrives on the pure joy and excitement of playing with friends. Air Gear in hand, players masterfully dash through ever-growing hordes at breakneck speeds, creating memorable moments of heroic teamwork in the face of chaos.
  • A Vibrant World with a Grim Backdrop: The world of Atomic Picnic is bright and colorful but the truth is dark and grim, with uninhabited lands infested with dangerous creatures. Loners brave these dangers for fame, loot, and glory!

“We make games to bring people together, and Atomic Picnic is a prime example of what we’re best at – creating fast, fun, ever-changing experiences that challenge friends to prevail together,” said Camilla Slotfeldt, CEO of BitCake Studio. “Mad Mushroom’s belief in us mirrors a ‘Picnic’ in the game — the indie landscape may be chaotic, but we’re going to have fun winning together.” 

For more information about Atomic Picnic, visit the game on Steam and connect with the studio on Discord

Launched in June, 2023, at the OTK Games Expo, Mad Mushroom is a game publisher powered by gaming content creators and their communities. The label offers independent developers transparent publishing deals where devs retain ownership of their IP, with an equitable 70/30 revenue split. The company plans to publish multiple titles in 2024, starting with Atomic Picnic in the spring. 

To learn more about Mad Mushroom visit and follow the company on all social platforms at “MadMushroomGG”. For Atomic Picnic assets visit the press kit here.

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Mad Mushroom is a dynamic and forward-thinking video game publishing company, uniquely positioned as the next-generation influencer-owned entity within the vast umbrella of OTK Network. With a team of seasoned industry experts, Mad Mushroom is committed to fostering a collaborative environment that nurtures creativity, encourages innovation, and propels promising indie games to new heights. Mad Mushroom is here to empower indie developers, engage gamers, and shape the future of interactive entertainment. 

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About BitCake Studio

We’re a game development studio from Brazil, creating games that bring people together since 2013. Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, we are a completely remote studio with coworkers from different cities from around the country and the world. We’re always looking for amazing new opportunities in game development, be it new independent projects, co-productions or outsourcing work.

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