Just About Enters Beta: EVE Online Has Never Been More Rewarding

Just About – the new community platform built to recognize and reward members fairly for their contributions – has moved into Beta

BRIGHTON, U.K. – December 14, 2023 – CCP Games and Just About partnered at the start of the platform’s Alpha to launch a new community around EVE Online, testing the ideas that make Just About special on a proudly discerning audience: EVE players.

It worked. They’ve responded to dozens of bounties, sharing everything from clan recruitment propaganda to memes, from hot takes and reviews to videos and guides.

With the platform entering Beta, visitors can now browse bounties, curated content, and see exactly how they’ll earn real-money rewards for sharing their knowledge and passion, across all community spaces.

Just About has paid out thousands of dollars in rewards, recognizing members’ contributions to their platform in a way that most community spaces lack – in a positive and supportive atmosphere. Their submissions live on as curated articles, forming a growing library of quality content, all sourced from the real experts: players.

The EVE Universe’s newest chapter is EVE Vanguard, EVE Online’s multiplayer sandbox FPS module, with player activity in one game affecting the other. It’s a once-per-decade chance to get into the grandest universe in gaming at a new ground level.

For once, everyone will be learning a new game at the same time and Just About is the place for you to gather: a non-toxic platform that loves you back, with the rewards you deserve for making things you’re passionate about.

“The Just About team has created a unique platform that strengthens communities and helps unite people. It aligns closely with our goal of giving EVE players more ways to establish bonds inside and outside EVE Online, making them a great partner for this endeavor. They’re also a delight to work with.”Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online Creative Director, CCP Games

“The EVE Partners’ feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with some concern that it seemed too good to be true for them – absolutely great! The heart of EVE Online is its players, and offering more ways for them to forge lasting relationships is key to the lasting success of EVE as it begins its milestone third decade.”Peter Farrell, EVE Online Community Developer, CCP Games

“As EVE Vanguard is a new chapter to EVE, Just About is a new chapter for online communities. It has a clear goal for 2024: growth, with more features, members, and spaces for new topics in gaming and beyond. We share their assessment of what other communities lack, and their Alpha has proved that their solutions work. We’re delighted to continue our partnership as they look to scale them up.”Grant Tasker, EVE Online Brand Director, CCP Games

EVE Vanguard entered Founders’ Access on December 7th – you can join a flourishing community for it on Just About. The future of online communities is just a couple of clicks away – www.justabout.com. For the latest info on happenings in and outside New Eden, visit EVE News. Download EVE Online for free by visiting www.eveonline.com.  


About Just About
Just About is a new community platform that unites fans and pays them fairly for creating the best content and conversation on the internet. The platform was founded on the belief that everyone who invests their time, knowledge and passion into a community should be rewarded fairly and treated like a partner in the community they have helped to build and grow. 

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