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Absorb Enemy Souls in King: The MMORPG, Launching on Mobile Devices Today


Explore the World of Kandar with Extreme PvP Combat in Coco’s Latest Mobile MMORPG for iOS and Android 

BEIJING — July 14, 2014 — Prepare for battle! King: The MMORPG, an action packed adventure set in a fantasy world marred by civil war, is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Filled with vibrant medieval and magical fantasy-inspired anime art, players must choose their side of the conflict and battle for control of the demon-ridden country of Kandar. Continue reading

Chaos Fighters Battles onto iOS

Chaos Fighters LogoCharacter-switching RPG Lets Players Use More Than 50 Fighters on Demand

BEIJING - March 26, 2014 - Get ready for total chaos! Coco today announced the launch of Chaos Fighters, a new mobile MMORPG that sends players on an epic quest to train the most powerful warrior in the world. The game features a unique character-switching mechanic that gives players total freedom in how they play. Chaos Fighters is available for free on the iTunes App Store from this link: Continue reading

Chartboost Launches Backend Service to Power In-app Purchases in Mobile Games


Chartboost Store Empowers Mobile Game Developers to Modify their In-app Store and Virtual Items in Real Time

SAN FRANCISCO – July 11, 2013 – Chartboost – the business engine for mobile game developers around the world – today announced the launch of Chartboost Store, the latest addition to the company’s powerful technology platform that helps developers attract gamers and make money. Today’s launch underscores the company’s core mission to provide developers with a full suite of business tools that drive their businesses forward. Chartboost Store, which joins the company’s widely popular offerings – Direct Deals, Cross Promotion, and the Chartboost Network – harnesses the power of data to give developers full control to make real-time adjustments to their in-game marketplaces.

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Take Part in an All-new MMO Experience with Tynon

tynon logo

Join the Fight to Save the World in the First Story-driven Social Game

NEW YORK – June 27, 2013 – Today Tynon, the social fantasy RPG for web browsers, has officially made its debut! Tynon meshes the immediacy and approachability of browser-based social games with a rich, epic story and vivid, high-quality art. The game gives players a broad variety of character options, allowing brave warriors to assemble a custom squad of allies and equip an extensive arsenal of upgradeable gear, letting them pit their heroes against a world gone mad… or against each other! Play Tynon for free now at:

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Defend Earth from the Demonic Threat in Green Park Station in Hellgate Global

T3fun Reveals a Fiery Month of Events for Players of the Online Action RPG Hellgate Global


LOS ANGELES – September 7, 2012 – T3fun today announced a full lineup of events for Hellgate Global players this September that will challenge all to a heated battle against the demons of Hell. The minions of evil have mercilessly charged their way into the once-safe abode of the humans, but with more powerful equipment now available for Earth’s defenders, surviving the onslaught just got easier. Players can expect tons of rewards and deals this month, especially those who are fortunate enough to encounter the Auspicious Merchant Beelphegor! Continue reading

Gamania Reveals New Video and Assets for Core Blaze in Conjunction with First U.S. Press Event

Exclusive preview event highlights “open-world” experience pooling strategic combat and teamwork

LOS ANGELES – June 7, 2012 - Gamania Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd. today unveiled new gameplay for their upcoming action MMO title Core Blaze with a video and in-game screenshots as part of a private press event taking place in downtown Los Angeles. The event, “Core Blaze: The VIP Experience,” is being held at loftSEVEN Penthouse and will showcase an exclusive build for the first hands-on opportunities with the game. Additionally, the event features cosplay models, a gallery with concept art from Core Blaze and a large-scale crossbow modeled from one of four major game weapons, which was designed by a local Los Angeles metal sculptor with works on display at the ARIA and the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas. Continue reading

Mythos Global Welcomes Players Worldwide With Loads of Events and Prizes This June

LOS ANGELES – June 1, 2012 – Hanbitsoft and T3Fun introduced the largest content update yet for their Action MMORPG Mythos Global in May. Many returning players and long-time fans have been knee-deep in the new zone, challenging the God of the Undead and exploring 23 new dungeons. A barrage of new players have also been populating the starting zones of Mythos. To celebrate the game’s worldwide success, the Mythos team has created a line-up of events and prepared lots of prizes for all players.

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Hellgate Global Celebrates a Hellacious Anniversary This June

This June, Hellgate Global will be filled with rewarding events to celebrate the milestone 


LOS ANGELES – June 1, 2012 – T3fun today announced a torrent of new events for Hellgate Global in June to commemorate its one year anniversary. Players who brave the flames of Hell daily will be rewarded for their unwavering courage with tantalizing in-game prizes. To kick off this special month in Hellgate Global’s history, coins will drop from the most sinister legions of Hell that players can exchange for rare goodies—there’s enough to incite a worldwide demon hunt!

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