Ready Your Holsters: Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted Coming to Steam on September 29th


Spaghetti Western-style Multiplayer Shooter’s PC Release to Feature All-New Characters and Content

VANCOUVER, Canada – Aug. 20, 2015 – Following its successful PS4 launch in early 2015, indie developer Switchblade Monkeys has announced the official launch date for its new and expanded Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted, a Spaghetti Western-themed PvP shooter for PC. Flush with new content, including (but not limited to) new game modes, updated gameplay, and a motley crew of never-before-seen playable characters, the sharp-shooting outlaws of Lonetree will be riding onto Steam on September 29th for $14.99.

Secret Ponchos is a stylized, gorgeously rendered isometric battle arena featuring 10 unique playable outlaws – double the original roster. The game is mercilessly competitive, forcing players to rely on hair-trigger reflexes, precision shooting, and split-second decisions to survive.  Lone-wolf duelists can take on combattants in high-stakes 1v1 showdowns, while team players can form their own outlaw gangs and combine their unique powers to establish dominance over the brutal town of Lonetree.

Each playable outlaw has his or her own unique playstyle. The evasive and deadly Matador sweeps enemies aside with her sword and swashbuckling style; Phantom Poncho can pull in his nemeses with a bullwhip and then finish them with a shotgun-slug to the face; the feral Wolf relies on her fearsome agility to savage her foes. Secret Ponchos does not reward run-and-gun recklessness: players must rely on strategy and timing as much as hair-trigger reflexes in order to survive.

The first game to receive support from Execution Labs’ Finishing Fund, this augmented build went through three straight months of playtesting and patching in Steam Early Access, implementing a ton of new content exclusive to the Steam release. Secret Ponchos will feature a new single-player Practice Mode in which players can beat down on bots to hone their skills; and to speed the matchmaking process, players will now be able to fill slots with bots in lower-level Domination and Deathmatch Modes. In addition, the team has produced five unique and fully fleshed-out new characters, three of which will be available exclusively on PC.

If you’re interested in participating in the pre-launch playtesting, you can find Secret Ponchos on Early Access today:

If you’d like to challenge the developers themselves to a duel, you can find them on the Secret Ponchos Twitch channel every Saturday at 10:30 am PST.

To connect with Secret Ponchos, visit:



Download the press kit here here.

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About Switchblade Monkeys Entertainment

Switchblade Monkeys Entertainment is a 12-person independent studio based in Vancouver that is dedicated to producing high-quality, dynamic, and visually distinctive content. Their debut title, Secret Ponchos, launched on PlayStation 4 in 2014, and is the first game to receive support from Execution Labs’ Finishing Fund.


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