IXL Releases New Version of iPad App with Unprecedented Coverage of Pre-K to 12th Grade Math and Language Arts


Education app by edtech leader offers 14 grade levels of learning in a single download

SAN MATEO, Calif. – December 16, 2015 – IXL today released the latest version of its iPad app, which covers 14 years’ worth of math and English language arts instruction. The app features a complete progression of more than 4,500 skills from pre-K to 12th grade, covering addition to algebra, basic grammar to advanced writing skills, and everything in between. The app can be downloaded for free on the App Store.

“IXL’s app offers an immersive educational experience that can’t be found anywhere else,” said Paul Mishkin, CEO of IXL Learning. “Kids can learn and practice almost any math or language arts topic imaginable and continually be delighted along the way by creative visuals, challenges, and interactions.”

Learning on the go that’s exciting and joyful

IXL’s app features interactive question types that heighten curiosity and put learning at children’s fingertips. Kids can learn to count by placing stickers on colorful backgrounds, build their vocabulary as they sort words by their roots, grasp geometry concepts by using interactive graphing tools and more. Each grade level features a game board of awards to collect, each with a different theme, such as a jungle adventure or the Wild West. With more than 1,000 awards to discover and win, learners never run out of surprises. There are even more opportunities for children (and their parents and teachers) to celebrate accomplishments with IXL’s weekly e-mail updates and printable certificates honoring noteworthy achievements.

Enhancements for more engaging learning

The newest version of the IXL app includes enhanced functionality designed to make learning on the iPad more engaging and interactive. With handwriting recognition, math practice is more intuitive than ever:  kids simply draw answers with their fingers and the app recognizes what they’ve written, from simple integers to more complex entries like fractions and algebraic expressions. Another captivating new feature is a dynamic progress bar that shows students how close they are to their next milestone, motivating them to keep practicing and striving for mastery and making for a can’t-put-it-down learning experience.

Personalized instruction

IXL is carefully designed to guide and teach students at just the right pace. Each of IXL’s 4,500 skills adapts to the individual student, offering scaffolded questions that become progressively harder or easier based on how well the learner is understanding the material. Questions on IXL are algorithmically generated rather than pulled from a static question bank, ensuring that students never see the same question twice and always have something new to practice.

Availability and information

The IXL iPad app is a free download and features 20 practice questions each day for students not subscribed to IXL. IXL subscribers can log in through the app and practice unlimited questions across all subjects and grade levels. Download the IXL iPad app today for free here. For more information and to subscribe to IXL, please visit www.IXL.com.

Media, please note: Screenshots of the IXL iPad app may be downloaded at www.ixl.com/press. Demos and access to IXL are available upon request by contacting ixl@triplepointpr.com.

About IXL Learning

IXL Learning is an educational technology company that delivers an immersive learning experience — for all students, in all grades, across all subjects. With one in 10 students already using it in the U.S., and over 20 billion questions asked and answered around the world, IXL is helping schools successfully use technology to improve teaching and learning. Our team of PhDs, teachers, and technologists crafts unique high-quality content and uses strategically mapped progressions to provide unprecedented depth, breadth and challenge for each specific skill. From pre-K to 12th grade, IXL’s content and technology enable fresh, engaging and personalized experiences that spark curiosity and build confidence. To learn more about IXL, visit www.ixl.com, facebook.com/IXL and twitter.com/IXLLearning.

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