Dwarven Den from Backflip Studios Coming Soon to the iTunes App Store. Can You Dig It?


Solve puzzles to rescue fellow dwarves trapped in ancient, underground ruins

Boulder, CO – April 21, 2014 – Backflip Studios today announced Dwarven Den, a unique mining, puzzle and exploration game, that will debut May 1st, free on the iTunes App Store. In Dwarven Den, you play a jolly, rotund dwarf on an epic quest deep within the earth. Your people discover that their dwarven ancestors are trapped in vast underground mines. Your task is to dig deep through ancient civilizations, solving challenging puzzles along the way and crafting increasingly better equipment, in hopes of saving the other dwarves. Already deemed “What’s Hot” in its Canadian beta phase, the game is Backflip’s most ambitious game since DragonVale, the Top Grossing iPad app of 2012. Dwarven Den debuts in less than two weeks!

Dig into the Dwarven Den trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1Iq4rilAjg

Each underground level has players mining ancient, buried ruins for loot. To progress, they’ll solve increasingly tricky puzzles, with different objectives like finding an errant dwarf or uprooting lost treasure. Spelunking can be tough, however, with hungry monsters and cave-ins looming around every corner. Never fear: an ample supply of bombs and skills make obstacles disappear! Further into the mines, collecting valuable ore lets players forge better tools and enhanced gear like magical picks, helmets and packs. Team up with Facebook friends to conquer the depths and save every dwarven dude! Form a guild with other players for special rewards and daily bonus guild quests.

Dwarven Den debuts May 1st, free on iOS.

A press kit containing logos, art, and screenshots is available here: www.triplepointpr.com/dl/Backflip/DwarvenDen/

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